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Small-time crook, Champa Chaudhary alias 'Champ' forges passports, photographs, and deeds in Thailand. He is arrested by the Police, tried and sentenced to six months in jail, and this is where he meets a supposedly dumb and deaf inmate, Raghuvir Sharma, serving a life sentence of stealing diamonds. Champ finds out that Raghuvir is not deaf nor dumb, and offers him a share if he springs him out of prison, to which Champ agrees. As soon as Champ's term is over, he gets discharged and prepares forged release documents for Raghuvir and in this manner gets him legally out of jail. The two then hideout in a house deep in the country, where Raghuvir is re-united with his daughter, Jia. Champ arranges for two fake passports for him and Raghuvir, and get them two new identities, while he is now Anthony Gonzales, Raghuvir and Jia gets Muslim names. Things do not go exactly as planned as Raghuvir gets killed, and Champ a! nd Jia decide to part ways. But when Jia tells Champ she knows where the ...

The film was promoted as a Sanjay Dutt film but he only had an extended appearance.

It was assumed that the film is a comedy, however director Raj Kaushal cleared that the film has just few light moments and touted it as a thriller film.

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    • Author: Crazy
    Arshad Warsi is excellent in the movie. Worth watching once.

    Movie revolves around the title of the movie i.e. Anthony Kaun Hai? Sanjay Dutt has kind of extended guest appearance. Songs are decent couple of them are good enough like "No Way No Way". Arshad Warsi is a small time crook who is an expert in forging documents like stamp papers, passport, etc. The movie is entirely shot in Thailand. Movie doesn't bores you for even a single minute. Definitely worth watching once. But movie is not anything like which would be remembered for long. What I liked was nice and clean comedy!

    Finally do you want to know Anthony kaun hai? Then go and watch the movie. :-)
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    • Author: Goldendragon
    One of my friends told me about this film and I made up my mind to watch it. The result: a surprisingly well made movie! Arshad Warsi's acting was too good. Loved Minnisha Lamba's role too. Sanjay Dutt's extended guest appearance was not as I had anticipated, but pretty good none the less. And I particularly liked Gulshan Grover's role as the Interpol cop. Anusha Dandekar was completely useless in the movie. Raghuveer Yadav was also nice. I loved the whole setting of the movie. The Thai essence was very well captured in the movie. The locations were awesome. The whole feel of the movie was really nice. Some of the songs were shot in really nice places particularly the one "Tune Mera Chain Vain Le Liya". Himesh's music was more or less like his other movies. But I liked "Saawariya" the best. The humor in the movie was pretty good. I loved the two Hit-Men who tried to kill Arshad. The chemistry between Arshad and Sanjay was a little cold, but is worth a watch. I love Minnisha Lamba in the mo via. She really looks very pretty. Bottom Line: It is a movie with a very different plot and idea than the other Bollywood movies. Definitely a movie worth watching. If not for Sanjay Dutt, watch it for Arshad, he really rocks!!!
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    • Author: Ger
    Anthony koi bhi ho, film was nice! Anthony Kaun Hai is a very simple light hearted comedy! Movie belongs totally to Arshad Warsi and he was brilliant. Sanjay Dutt had a very miniscule but important role, but every time he was present on screen, it made the movie even more interesting! Music is very nice and has a very rustic feeling to it! I loved it! Minisha and Anusha were both a bit more then just OK! The distinction between this movie and other bollywood movies is the way the story has been presented! It has a very nice "Flashback" approach that works brilliantly! This is a family movie and definitely worth watching, at least once! Arshad Warsi is getting better by the day! Sanjay Dutt is just too damn cool and good in his role! Long Live Sanjay Dutt and Long live Arshad Warsi! ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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    • Author: Anaragelv
    The trailers promised a good time what with a tried and tested Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi combination. The expectations were built up with the sleek promos and some good (now mandatory) Himesh numbers. The movie being inspired by an English movie and being directed by a guy who has given only duds in the past were the dampeners which reduced expectations.

    Anthony Kaun Hai? This is the question uppermost in the viewer's mind while venturing into a Cineplex to view this movie. Does the movie answer this question? No! Till the end Anthony is not really shown though he is shown in shadows and it is mentioned he was a journalist.

    The movie is about a hit-man Madan (Sanjay Dutt) out to kill Anthony. He picks up Champ (Arshad Warsi) who is masquerading as Anthony. Champ tells Madan his story about stolen diamonds, which he had come to know while in jail and how he ended up being Anthony. This is the crux of the story.

    Now when you have such a story the drama should be gripping. That is what is missing. Editing is not good. There is lot of things which could have been avoided. The entire Rosa (Anusha) track could have been avoided as also a couple of songs removed from the narrative as they act as speed breakers. The screenplay is the culprit here. The movie is slickly shot though. Bangkok is captured well and gives the film a glossy look.

    On the acting front, the movie basically rests on Arshad's shoulders and he delivers. You can make out he has put in a lot of effort and he makes some tepid scenes also work. He is definitely one of the most underrated actors around. Another big plus is the chemistry between Arshad and Sanjay Dutt. The amazing chemistry promises a lot when Lage Raho Munnabhai comes in a couple of week's time. The music is decent but what was it that made the director to put two songs back-to-back at the end!! People out to see Sanjay Dutt will be disappointed as he hardly has 25-30 mins of screen time. His role is nothing but an extended guest appearance, though he is good as the stylish hit-man. The style statement coming out by the Ferrari that he drives! More scenes of Sanjay Dutt would have been better Minissha Lamba needs to look pretty and does that. In fact she is better than the minuscule role she portrayed in Corporate. She has a long way to go to be taken seriously. Raghuvir Yadav is a disappointment. Ravi Baswani as the doc brings some smiles. Gulshan Grover is OK. Anusha Dandekar does a lot of swimwear ads, so to say, in the movie. She is better off being a VJ where her dress sense and giggles might be appreciated but not on big screen.

    Raj Koushal has shown improvement, but not in story telling which is the hallmark of a good director. He has taken care of aesthetics but forgets that it is the story that takes a film forward. His good luck charm i.e. his wife Mandira Bedi, in a walk in part also does not seem to work for the movie.

    The movie can be termed thriller which has comic situations but is definitely not an edge of seat thriller nor is a comedy! Overall a disappointing movie which has its moments and you can watch if you have time on your hands and have lesser expectations. I think you are better off waiting for a few months by when this should be coming on channels.

    PS: Though it was touted that the hit-man character is a bollywood buff, there are only 2 instances when this is shown. Once when he mentions Andaz (Mehboob Khan's 1949 movie) and once when he says the story should be like Yash Chopra movie.
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    • Author: Tam
    Promos and posters can cheat people

    true in this case promo promises a fast paced action thriller with Sanju and Arshad throughout but that is not the case The film is actually a slow suspense thriller with Sanju just being a small part of the film and Arshad being the lead Nothing much wrong except the misleading promos

    The scenes between Sanju and Arshad are nothing special of course expecting a Munnabhai in every film of theirs together is wrong but sadly the portions betn them have a bad hangover of Munnabhai and are a small fun part in the whole set up

    The main story is damn predictable though well handled in parts The problem is that the film never actually picks up the storytelling is too slow which is no problem but in a thriller it is a letdown Sadly the worst part is one never feels thrilled

    Even the culmination is an anti- climax It actually ends like a romantic story and is a big letdown

    Direction is nothing great, though an improvement from SHAADI KA LADOO(the director's last film) Music is nice, but too many songs spoil it Camera-work is topnotch

    Sanjay Dutt has a small role and he is nothing great, he just sleepwalks in it Arshad Warsi carries the film on his shoulders and he shows he can shoulder any film even if it's not a comic film He is natural throughout and watchable Minisha Lamba is good the rest are nothing great Chetan Hansraj has a small role, Gulshan Grover just hums around
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    • Author: Fordrekelv
    I happened to watch this movie in Dubai, as it released today. The movie in my opinion didn't live up to the expectations generated during the movie. The movie starts off giving you the impression of a thriller. But, unfortunately, it's a slow paced movie and is nothing more than a mere case of mistaken identity. The story starts off well, but the momentum fizzes out as the movie progresses. For those of you looking to see Sanjay Dutt, well his role isn't very big, so don't be disappointed.

    The reason I gave the movie a 4 is because Arshad Warsi's acting is top notch and Minissha Lamba looks really nice.
  • Credited cast:
    Sanjay Dutt Sanjay Dutt - Master Madan
    Arshad Warsi Arshad Warsi - Champak 'Champ' Chaudhary / Anthony Gonzales
    Minissha Lamba Minissha Lamba - Jia R. Sharma
    Anusha Dhandekar Anusha Dhandekar - Rosa
    Gulshan Grover Gulshan Grover - Inspector Suraj Singh
    Raghuvir Yadav Raghuvir Yadav - Raghuvir Sharma
    Ravi Baswani Ravi Baswani - Dr. Lashwani
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Chetan Hansraj Chetan Hansraj - Lucky Sharma
    Adam Lindblom Adam Lindblom - (credit only)
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