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    This movie presents a rare chance for fans of Vanessa Bell Calloway to see her in rare form. Great closeups used by the director to highlight her stunning good looks, excellent features, and even glimpses of her curvaceous form. If you're like me (I've been a fan of hers ever since Coming To America, with Eddie Murphey), after you've spent so much time paying attention to this star, you hardly notice the movie itself dragging tediously along. But despite the movie's shortcomings, this shining star has the qualities to lift it out of the doldrums and make it a thoroughly enjoyable movie watching experience.

    As a result of a series of bad experiences, she embarks upon a road of self-discovery, reunites with family members & lost loves. Kym E. Whitley (her side-kick on Oh Drama!) puts in a fine performance in a supporting role as friend Cheryl. Lou Meyers (from A Different World) plays her dad. Actress Janet MacLachlan plays her mom.
  • Credited cast:
    Vanessa Bell Calloway Vanessa Bell Calloway - Nikita
    Clifton Powell Clifton Powell - Isaiah
    Lou Myers Lou Myers - Lawrence
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Merry Clayton Merry Clayton - Betty
    Casey Lee Casey Lee - Boyd
    Janet MacLachlan Janet MacLachlan - Cynthia
    Akrosia Samson Akrosia Samson - Cindy
    Kym Whitley Kym Whitley - Cheryl
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