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A story about several beaver families in their wild surroundings. The interesting process of building a dam can be watched as well as the dangers arising from hungry bears and other ... See full summary
A story about several beaver families in their wild surroundings. The interesting process of building a dam can be watched as well as the dangers arising from hungry bears and other influences on the new-built home.

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    • Author: Goldfury
    "Beavers" was just released on DVD last week,so I decided to buy it. What a beautiful film. It was amazing to say the least. Director Stephen Low has done it again with another top notch outing. This film is just as good as his later effort of "SuperSpeedway" The thing that I can't get over about this film,is that it is nearly 12yrs old. I don't ever remember seeing any ads for it back then. This is a must have DVD for thos who enjoy this kind of quality entertainment. The sound is amazing in 5.1 & there is a "Making Of" Documentary. I hope "Stephen Low" & team keep making these highly enjoyable films.
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    • Author: Ger
    What a surprisingly beautiful film. I expected to see just another episode of a PBD "Nature" show. They really put a lot of effort into it. We thought it was pretty funny that, when you see the old Grey Fox silent movie about Beavers (included on the DVD), you realize that Low and company have copied the storyline almost exactly except with the modern iMAX technology! I guess there's nothing really new under the sun; you just add transistors to the old stuff!
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    • Author: Walianirv
    The title says it already. This is a documentary on beavers by IMAX and it runs slightly shorter than IMAX usual does, namely 30 instead of 40 minutes. That is not a problem at all though. It helps the documentary in staying more essential. And this half hour should be a must-see for nature documentarians. It all works so well here. the focus is mostly on beavers, but the animals living nearby that have an impact on beaver lives get their fair share as well. The music is very soothing and the film never tries to be dramatic, even when a beaver is hunted by a gigantic bear. It is not about danger, drama or stuff like that, it is about the life of beavers. The video recordings, especially under water photography, are a lot better than you would expect from a 1980s film. The audio recordings are top-notch as well. I had no idea what noises beavers made before watching this little movie, but the way they communicate audibly is the cutest thing ever. As are beavers themselves, these cute furry creatures that always look a bit plump, but are among the very best architects that Planet Earth has to offer. This was a breathtaking watch, on first watch even better than on rewatch, but also worth watching a second, third or fourth time. My favorite IMAX and I highly recommend checking this one out. Truly makes me wonder why there are so few documentaries on these exceptionally gifted creatures. Watch it. Don't miss out.
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    • Author: Getaianne
    I watched the film on the high-definition cable channel INHD2 last night, and was glad I caught it. The remarkable work of beavers is beautifully filmed, including underwater and inside-dam footage that is hard to believe. The narration is excellent--intelligent, restrained, not in the least sappy. Ditto for the musical score. This production was originally for IMAX, and it must have been wonderful to see it in one of those theaters. Other animals besides beavers make appearances, too, including a rabbit, skunk, and bear. The director, photographers, and all who contributed are due thanks from nature lovers. Great short for kids and adults!
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    • Author: lubov
    My wife and I watched this movie and when it was over, we were both disgusted and angry. The movie did little to educate about beavers or anything else in nature. It was all about how the egotistical film makers could create beautiful and detailed pictures of the beaver and their simulated environment.

    The limited narration added little to what was being seen and the music was dreadfully saccharin. This was no documentary, but a manipulation of animals (tame beavers and captured kits) for exploitation. If you are interested in learning about beavers and a realistic portrayal, do not see this movie.
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