» » Canada's Smartest Person Episode #2.8 (2014– )

Short summary

The eight season 2 finalists are the seven preliminary round winners plus one wild card, the preliminary round non-winner with the highest preliminary round score. They are put through two more preliminary rounds to narrow the field down to four. The first preliminary round, which includes all eight contestants, is a speed round, which entails competing in mini challenges back to back, those challenges which encompass all six areas of intelligence. The two contestants with the highest score move onto the final four, the two contestants with the lowest score being automatically eliminated. The middle four contestants move to the second preliminary round, where in pairs of two, the contestants compete in more mini challenges, with the first to win three of those mini challenges within each pairing also moving to the final four. Those final four then compete in six standard challenges, again each testing a different area of intelligence. Challenge 1 called "Syllable Switch", which tests ...

Episode cast overview:
Jessi Cruickshank Jessi Cruickshank - Herself - Host
Tim White Tim White - Himself - Announcer (voice)
Anthony Craparotta Anthony Craparotta - Himself - Contestant
Katy Warren Katy Warren - Herself - Contestant
Tim Blais Tim Blais - Himself - Contestant
Alex Manea Alex Manea - Himself - Contestant
Marco Iannuzzi Marco Iannuzzi - Himself - Contestant
Dan Tweyman Dan Tweyman - Himself - Contestant
Jason Vander-Hoek Jason Vander-Hoek - Himself - Contestant
Heather Whittaker Heather Whittaker - Herself - Contestant
Mark McEwan Mark McEwan - Himself - Judge, Orders Up
Cameron Bailey Cameron Bailey - Himself - Judge, Screen Test
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