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Game show in which contestants compete for prizes by trying to guess the correct prices of consumer goods.
Game show in which contestants compete for prizes by trying to guess the correct prices of consumer goods.

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    • Author: Gajurus
    I absolutely loved the Price is Right, not only was it entertaining and funny, it just made Saturday Nights! It was slightly tacky, and you always knew that there would be a Daewoo or Mazda on offer during the showcase, with "Bruce 1" on the numberplate. But because it was tacky, that's why it worked so well.

    It was lighthearted stuff and something that all the family would watch and enjoy.

    Bruce himself was funny, and i was a bit annoyed when the show ended, but i guess it was going a bit sour.

    Everything from "come on down", "now just push down when u feel an urge" to the audience shouting and giving hints in the showcase, and to the weak spins of the elderly participants in the showdown, were all a pleasure to watch.

    I would hope that a new edition of the Price is Right will be on our screens in years to come, and someone like Vernan Kay or Ian Wright would be perfect as the host.
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    • Author: MEGA FREEDY
    On a Saturday night, this was one of my favourite game shows when I was younger, and still is whenever I see a repeat or new episode with new host, e.g. Joe Pasquale. But the version I knew best was with host Bruce Forsyth, hence the title, with his opening pose, and the classic catchphrase "Nice to see you... to see you nice" (number 1 on 50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases. Basically four people, and a fifth somewhere in the middle, would be chosen from the audience, followed by the words "Come on down!", each player would bid for a product, and the one closest would go onto the main game. The rest of the show with three contestants would see them playing games involving guessing prices for products, memorable games include Cliffhanger, Plinko, Swap and Switcheroo. Then they all go to the big wheel to get the closest to 100, to go into the final game to win a selection of fantastic prizes, including cars, a luxury holiday, home accessories, etc, and to win them the contestant has to guess how much it is all worth, and with the number they get before, £1000-£10,000, that's how far they can be under. It was alway a buzz to hope for the best for the contestants, and of course in the final to see all that fantastic stuff, and of course you were really happy when they won, great family viewing. Bruce Forsyth was number 5 on TV's 50 Greatest Stars. Very good!
  • Series cast summary:
    Bruce Forsyth Bruce Forsyth - Himself - Host 13 episodes, 1995-2001
    Kimberley Cowell Kimberley Cowell - Herself - Assistant 4 episodes, 1998-2000
    Lea Kristensen Lea Kristensen - Herself - Assistant 4 episodes, 1998-2000
    Simon Peat Simon Peat - Himself - Assistant 4 episodes, 1998-2000
    Emma Steadman Emma Steadman - Herself - Assistant 4 episodes, 1998-2000
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