» » Angry Birds Stella The Golden Egg (2014– )

Short summary

As construction continues on her castle, Gale settles in to read The Book, learning the legend of the ultra-powerful GOLDEN EGG (cue echo). It seems that The Golden Egg is located under the - well, you'll see.

Episode credited cast:
Heljä Heikkinen Heljä Heikkinen - Stella (voice)
Annituuli Kasurinen Annituuli Kasurinen - Willow (voice)
Saara Lehtonen Saara Lehtonen - Luca (voice)
Sari Mällinen Sari Mällinen - Dahlia (voice)
Rinna Paatso Rinna Paatso - Poppy (voice)
Antti Pääkkönen Antti Pääkkönen - Minion pigs (voice)
Paula Vesala Paula Vesala - Gale (voice)
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