» » His Uncle's Wives (1913)

Short summary

A young artist hears that an uncle in Constantinople has departed this life and left him his entire estate. He is pleased with the news as he is about to be married, and wires the executor to sell the estate and forward the proceeds. He hears nothing further until a letter arrives stating that the entire estate, excepting his uncle's wives, was expended to settle the debts, and that the wives are on the way to him. The artist is utterly dismayed. But, the wives arrive, and when he hears that his fiancée, too, is on the way to visit the studio, he poses the girls as models, and tries to hide the real condition of affairs from her. But the various wives persist in trooping around after him. Finally he reads of a theatrical company whose oriental dancers have deserted. He takes the wives to the theater, finds them ready work in the company, and proceeds to square matters with his fiancée.

Released as a split reel along with the documentary Seven Ages of an Alligator (1913).

Cast overview:
Harry Benham Harry Benham
Jean Darnell Jean Darnell
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