» » Victor Hugo, ennemi d'État

Short summary

1848, Paris under Siege: Victor Hugo is torn between his family, his mistresses and political turmoil - never mind finally completing his classic novel Les Miserables. Although Hugo is a confirmed Royalist, he supports the Republic and Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, who is soon to become president, convinced that he will initiate social reforms. But when the new government is formed and Hugo is overlooked for office, he realizes that he has been used. Furious at the deception, he and his sons launch a daily newspaper to give the people a voice. Nor is it less chaotic on the home front, as he is juggling his love life between two mistresses and his long-suffering wife and mother of his children. When Napoléon seizes power and his sons are jailed for insurrection, Hugo insists that his wife and daughter leave Paris, where he remains, devoting himself wholeheartedly to the resistance. Openly denouncing repression, he is declared Enemy of the State and has to face disgrace and exile.

Series cast summary:
Yannick Choirat Yannick Choirat - Victor Hugo 4 episodes, 2018
Isabelle Carré Isabelle Carré - Juliette Drouet 4 episodes, 2018
Erika Sainte Erika Sainte - Léonie d'Aunet 4 episodes, 2018
Nade Dieu Nade Dieu - Adèle Hugo épouse 4 episodes, 2018
Ángela Molina Ángela Molina - Fortunée Hamelin 4 episodes, 2018
Lorenzo Lefèbvre Lorenzo Lefèbvre - Charles Hugo 4 episodes, 2018
Gaspard Meier-Chaurand Gaspard Meier-Chaurand - François-Victor Hugo 4 episodes, 2018
Cosima Bevernaege Cosima Bevernaege - Adèle Hugo fille 4 episodes, 2018
Stefan Konarske Stefan Konarske - Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte 4 episodes, 2018
Bruno Putzulu Bruno Putzulu - Charles de Morny 4 episodes, 2018
Félix Beaupérin Félix Beaupérin - Auguste Vacquerie 4 episodes, 2018
Maxime d'Aboville Maxime d'Aboville - Charles de Montalembert 4 episodes, 2018
Steve Driesen Steve Driesen - Alphonse de Lamartine 4 episodes, 2018
Sharif Andoura Sharif Andoura - Michel de Bourges 3 episodes, 2018
Laurent Claret Laurent Claret - Isidore 3 episodes, 2018
Francis Leplay Francis Leplay - Adolphe Thiers 3 episodes, 2018
Laurent Manzoni Laurent Manzoni - Président de séance 3 episodes, 2018
Marie-Christine Orry Marie-Christine Orry - Suzanne 3 episodes, 2018
Pauline Gillet Chassanne Pauline Gillet Chassanne - Alice Ozy 3 episodes, 2018
Rodolphe Congé Rodolphe Congé - Louis Veuillot 3 episodes, 2018
Régis Royer Régis Royer - Emile de Girardin 3 episodes, 2018
Dominique Bettenfeld Dominique Bettenfeld - Maxime Letemple 3 episodes, 2018
Thibault Vinçon Thibault Vinçon - Auguste Clésinger 3 episodes, 2018
Maxence Tual Maxence Tual - Orateur Socialiste 3 episodes, 2018
David Martins David Martins - Alphonse Baudin 2 episodes, 2018
Fred Epaud Fred Epaud - Directeur Théâtre de la Gaîté 2 episodes, 2018
Thierry Gibault Thierry Gibault - Eugène Cavaignac 2 episodes, 2018
Louis Descols Louis Descols - Lieutenant Brincourt 2 episodes, 2018
Zuriel De Peslouan Zuriel De Peslouan - Le journaliste 2 episodes, 2018
Marion Trémontels Marion Trémontels - Eugenie De Montijo 2 episodes, 2018
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