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The Professionals get involved after Terkoff, a Russian K.G.B. agent, introduces young Sara Seaford "accidentally" to Sir Charles Milvain, a man tipped to be the next Prime Minister, with a view to gaining secret information from him and ultimately destroying him and his government. Sara turns out to be the long-lost daughter of a prostitute, Ann, whose pimp is not above a little murder.

Locations: Actress Pamela Salem , is seen crossing the River Thames via the Teddington Locke Footbridge, prior to scene that is catalyst to involve 'C.I.5'. Also a foot pursuit scene at the Royal Albert Hall briefly featured (The Ipcress File, Minder),at episode conclusion.

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    • Author: Thohelm
    THE PROSSESIONALS – "The Female Factor" - 1978

    Episode two of the, 1977 to 1983, UK, action-crime series, THE PROSSESIONALS. Gordon Jackson is in charge of CI-5, a group of men drawn from the SAS, Police and other law enforcement agencies. Their mandate is to stop acts of terrorism and threats against the UK.

    A young woman, Felicity Dean, carrying her shopping, steps out into a busy street. She is clipped and knocked down by a car being driven by Anthony Steel. Anthony Steel is a member of the cabinet and a possible pick for a future Prime Minister. He helps Dean to her feet and asks if she is OK. Dean answers that it was only her shopping that was hit. No need for the Police or an ambulance she says.

    Dean does however ask for a ride over to her house. Steel is only too happy to drive the woman home. Before entering the home, Dean hands Steel her phone number and suggests he call. "I like distinguished looking men." Needless to say that Steel is quite taken with the beautiful young thing. He tells her he will call her.

    What Steel does not know, is that the whole incident was a set-up. Dean is a new prostitute in the "employ" of pimp, Barry Justice. Justice is being paid by KGB man, Walter Gotell to get Steel on the hook. Justice had started her on cocaine, and now Miss Dean has a vicious habit and will do anything for a fix. Dean is soon shuffled off by Gotell for some questions about Steel.

    Some time later, Pamela Salem shows up at the house. She is a long time "employee" of Justice. She hands Justice a bundle of cash and heads upstairs for a bath. She sees several photos of Dean on the desk and has a look. Her eyes go wide when she sees Dean in the pictures. Salem asks Justice who the girl is. "The new girl I put to work today." Justice answers. Salem smiles and heads for the bathroom. Once there, she is out the window, and down the fire-escape. She beats the feet down the sidewalk. 10 minutes later, Salem stops at a flat and begins pounding on the door while calling out for Shaw. A man answers the door and tells her that the Policeman who lived here, Martin Shaw, has moved. He does have Shaw's new number.

    While this is going on, Stefan Kalipha, another pimp stops by to have a word with Justice. He also sees the pictures. "You best put those away before Salem gets back." Justice asks why. "Don't you know that is Salem's daughter. She showed me pictures of her a while back. They have not seen each other in person for years." Justice is up the stairs three at a time. He finds the empty bathroom and the open window.

    The two pile into Kalipha's car and go looking for Salem. The two spot Salem waiting outside an apartment flat. They drive up and put the grip on her. All three drive off. The man in the flat returns to the door with Shaw's number. He sees the men fire Salem in the car and leave.

    He calls Shaw and explains what has happened. Shaw drags fellow CI-5 agent, Lewis Collins along for a talk with the man. Shaw listens to the description and figures he knows the woman. "A working girl I knew from my days undercover with the Police." She just lives down the road a bit." As they walk towards the flat ,they see a naked body floating in the Thames. It is of course, Salem.

    Shaw decides to investigate the matter. Boss, Gordon Jackson is not happy about Shaw muddling around in a Police matter. Several days go by and MP Steel has been putting the steel to Miss Dean. He feels like a million bucks. The KGB are now ready to close their little "honey trap." "A spot of blackmail seems in order." Says Gotell. No longer needing the services of the pimp, Justice, several bullets are applied behind his left ear.

    Shaw however throws the old monkey wrench into their plans. He finds phone numbers at the house linking Justice with the KGB etc. Things move quickly now that CI-5 is called in officially. Doors are kicked, and various pimps, including, Stefan Kalipha are arrested. Some forceful 3rd degree is used as Shaw gives Kalipha several fists to the head. The man is now more than happy to supply any info he can to Shaw and Collins.

    This quickly leads to a shootout with Gotell and fellow KGB type, Patrick Durkin. Both Reds are dispatched in a hail of bullets. The photos of Steel and Dean are found. Jackson pays Steel a visit and hands the man a document. It is Steel's resignation letter. He has become a security risk.
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    • Author: Gldasiy
    Ann Seaford is a distressed woman who goes looking for Doyle at an old address. She is being chased by some guys and she is later found dead.

    Bodie and Doyle look into her death. Cowley is not pleased but then finds out that the two men have stumbled into a document with the Prime Minister's personal telephone number. This really is a job for the Professionals.

    Ann was a high class hooker. Her handler's have got a young lady Sara hooked on cocaine. Sara is Ann's lost long daughter. She is being used as a honeytrap for a senior politician.

    The Russians are behind the honeytrap and plan to have the politician in their pockets.

    Poor Patrick Durkin. He plays a KGB agent who has so obviously been dubbed. It is only the second episode but Bodie and Doyle make a terrific team and Cowley already has settled down as the boss with a bark.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Gordon Jackson Gordon Jackson - George Cowley
    Martin Shaw Martin Shaw - Doyle
    Lewis Collins Lewis Collins - Bodie
    Anthony Steel Anthony Steel - Sir Charles Milvern
    Walter Gotell Walter Gotell - Sam Baker
    Felicity Dean Felicity Dean - Sara Seaford
    Pamela Salem Pamela Salem - Ann Seaford
    Barry Justice Barry Justice - Simon Culver
    Maggie Wright Maggie Wright - Paula
    Patrick Durkin Patrick Durkin - Terkoff, KGB Agent
    Fredric Abbott Fredric Abbott - Big Man
    Stefan Kalipha Stefan Kalipha - Henry Aloysius Wences
    Michael Burrell Michael Burrell - Alan Reeves
    Sally Harrison Sally Harrison - Jo
    Kenneth Watson Kenneth Watson - Det Supt Tilson
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