» » A Mansão Maluca do Professor Ambrósio Os Muitos Trabalhos de Hércules (2010–2016)

Short summary

The Baron of Coubertin, creator of the modern Olympic games, goes to the mansion to visit his old friend, Professor Ambrosius. Suddenly, a huge and strong man appears and lift the mansion with little effort and take it to the ancient Greece. So the Professor Ambrosius and his friend Coubertin go after him just to discover that Hercules was deceived by Funesto who wants to take the mansion for himself.

Episode credited cast:
Henrique Blutaumuller Henrique Blutaumuller - Vampiro (as Henrique Blutalmuller)
Nelson Botter Jr. Nelson Botter Jr. - Professor Ambrósio
Thayná Cavalcanti Thayná Cavalcanti - Claudinha
Sidney Cesar Sidney Cesar - Frankenstein
Francisco Freitas Francisco Freitas - Liliput
Lucas Gama Lucas Gama - Leonardo DaVinci
José Guerra José Guerra - Barão de Coubertin
Tiago Guimarães Tiago Guimarães - Santos Dumont
Nelson Machado Nelson Machado - Barão Funesto
Cleber Martins Cleber Martins - Capitão Gancho
Rosangela Melo Rosangela Melo - Mary Shelley
Alex Minei Alex Minei - Napoleão
Thais Santesi Thais Santesi - Junior
Vanessa Scorsoni Vanessa Scorsoni - Joana D'Arc
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