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    • Author: Mr_Mix
    "Blondes Birds & Bees" (no comma in the title) brings a feminine touch via star/co-director Cherie DeVille to the already estrogen-laden "Mommy's Girl" series of lesbian romances from the Stills & Mills team. I enjoyed it (my resistance having been worn down after viewing dozens of their DVDs) even though it is repetitious and basically far-fetched.

    Alan & Bree grind out this product for website use, so those DVD addicts like myself still standing out their in video land have to suspend disbelief to a greater extent than usual. In this case, Cherie possesses an uncountable number of step-offspring, and lives in two different houses, all caused by the stand-alone nature of vignettes favored by the auteurs.

    The two-part "The Birds and the Bees" has Cherie dealing with peaches & cream complexion step kid Alli Rae, who has a crush on a fellow classmate. Said mate is a girl of course, as no men are allowed in this opus, only referred to in many a verbal mention of the daddy & husband figure that unites the protagonist in a familial sense.

    Cherie gives Alli a sexual initiation in the slow-paced first part, while in second part she reveals the fabulous "Immoral Proposal" mansion used for the shoot, walking up its spiral staircase flanked by the unique oval-paned doors. Upstairs she walks down the lengthy hallway and hears Alli crying -turns out the classmate rejected her when she heard about Rae having had sex with her step-mom. Not to worry, Cherie consoles the cutie with another set of orgasms, pledging to always be there when the kid needs some lovin'.

    With Cherie's winning smile, smooth improv dialog and Alli's convincing feigned innocence, this is a satisfying part of the program. Unfortunately, it's compiled with material that covers identical ground or clashes.

    Two more Cherie humping the daughter (they always say "Oh, mommy" in the crypto-incest intent that drives this genre) segments follow. In "Never too small" she takes on Alina West, a youngster not too young or small to wear those extreme eyelashes that mark a true porn actress in good standing. This hunk of jail-bait craves attention, and Cherie f*cks her in the kitchen.

    She next handles Kennedy Kressler, a tiny blonde (she looks 13 or 14 years old on screen despite her papers on file proving 18 or over) who complains that Alina has been shaming her for her flat-chest. After a lecture and some humping, Kennedy is convinced, declaring "Little boobs are great", my chosen tag line for the entire video.

    To fill out the DVD, a completely unrelated segment "I'm Afraid Mommy" finishes the show as Vignette #5, starring Nina Elle and another ultra- petite girl, Goldie. They are on the couch watching a horror video, but it turns out to be some unknown Stills & Mills lesbian feature starring Abigail Mac as a masseuse plus Remy La Croix and a girl in a monster mask terrorizing folks before humping them.

    Nina objects to this form of entertainment, but the hugging out of fear brings the duo closer together, with intimacy leading to Sapphic bliss. When the orgasms cease, satisfied Goldie goes back to watching her porn, another victory for the Free Speech Coalition or whomever.
  • Cast overview:
    Cherie DeVille Cherie DeVille
    Alli Rae Alli Rae
    Alina West Alina West
    Kennedy Kressler Kennedy Kressler
    Goldie Glock Goldie Glock - (as Goldie)
    Nina Elle Nina Elle
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