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Short summary

Amy can't stand her roommate from hell Carrie. So what does Amy do? She kills her. But sometimes killing doesn't get rid of annoying roommates.
Amy and Carrie are total opposite of roommates. Amy is a bit uptight and neurotic. Carrie is a slacker who usually forgets what time she works the next day. Amy doesn't like confrontation, so she usually lets Carrie get away with her bad habits. After a wild night of partying hosted by Carrie, Amy awakens to find the apartment trashed with Carrie stoned and hungover on the couch. And to top it off, Amy's homemade cheesecake, has been eaten by Carrie. Amy, unable to contain her frustration any longer, acts on instinct and kills Carrie. She cleans up the murder scene and puts the body in the bathtub. For the first time in a long time, Amy is much calmer now that her roommate from hell is out of the picture. That night, Amy has a dinner date in her apartment. Everything is going well, but Amy is going to find out that murder isn't always the best solution in getting rid of annoying roommates.

Loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe's short story, "The Tell Tale Heart".

Won Best Screenplay and Honorable Mention for Best Film at the 2004 Hofstra Film Festival.

Credited cast:
Michael Buckley Michael Buckley - Allan
Gillian Delgado Gillian Delgado - Amy
Ginger Kearns Ginger Kearns - Carrie
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