» » Outrageous Acts of Science Forces of Nature (2012– )

Short summary

Nature and science go head-to-head as we countdown the Internet's best videos. Featuring an amazing shark rescue, blood-sucking leeches, and a man who takes to the air armed only with a lawn chair, helium balloons -- and his shotgun.

Episode cast overview:
Helen Arney Helen Arney - Herself - Physicist
Raychelle Burks Raychelle Burks - Herself - Chemist
Debbie Berebichez Debbie Berebichez - Herself - Physicist
Carin Bondar Carin Bondar - Herself - Biologist
Amy Elliott Amy Elliott - Herself - Mechanical Engineer
Chris Krishna-Pillay Chris Krishna-Pillay - Himself - Biologist
Alistair Linsell Alistair Linsell - Himself - Nuclear Chemist
Mike North Mike North - Himself - Engineer
Hakeem Oluseyi Hakeem Oluseyi - Himself - Astrophysicist
Simon Pampena Simon Pampena - Himself - Mathematician
Matt Parker Matt Parker - Himself - Mathematician
Adam Ruben Adam Ruben - Himself - Biologist
Saad Sarwana Saad Sarwana - Himself - Physicist
Tom Wrigglesworth Tom Wrigglesworth - Himself - Engineer
Tim Dadabo Tim Dadabo - Narrator
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