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Short summary

BLIND JUSTICE is the ruthless story of Paulina, a mother facing a relentless struggle to demonstrate to justice that her children has been sexually abused by their father. An story of difficulties faced by the incapacity of the law and tearing situations happening to defenseless children victims of domestic violence. Based on true events.

Jhonny Obando changed the entire original cast after acceptance to direct the project. Then he choose almost every single new actors to be part of it.

Clyo Rojas (Celina) is the real life daughter of Isaniel (Alejandro) also her father in the movie.

Diana Lopez lost the role of Abg. Claudia Rivera to María Alejandra Ydler because of scheduling conflicts.

Based on true events.

Mercedes Christian (writer and producer) is the founder of the organization Líderes de paz that support abuse women and children.

Credited cast:
Carla Lopez Carla Lopez - Paulina
Mercedes Christian Mercedes Christian - Mariana Alcantara
Lino Ferrer Lino Ferrer - Juez Firpo
Isaniel Rojas Isaniel Rojas - Alejandro
Danilo Zamora Danilo Zamora - Abg. Fauller
Kevin Izquierdo Kevin Izquierdo - Daniel
Clyo Rojas Clyo Rojas - Celina
Evelyn Jimenez Evelyn Jimenez - Psic. Tatiana Rojas
Julio Coutinho Julio Coutinho - Dr. Bruno Valdivieso
Jhonny Obando Jhonny Obando - Lic. Manuel Estupiñán
Francisco Palacios Francisco Palacios - Pastor Palacios
George Riverón George Riverón - Abg. Hernández
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Mariana Altamirano Mariana Altamirano - Manuela
Iglir Arapi Iglir Arapi - Psicólogo 3
Bethania Carrión Bethania Carrión - Enfermera
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