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Sasami's surname, "Kawai", is a pun on the Japanese word "kawaii", which means "cute".

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    • Author: Usaxma
    Every plot element of a typical magical girl series is in here; a perky young girl who gains magical powers, complete with a cuddly talking animal and funky costume, a nasty rival and lots of silly monsters to fight. The difference is that this series if based on the famous Tenchi Muyo universe, and thus re-casts all the Tenchi characters in this new setting, with Sasami taking on the role of the young heroine. The result is a series of highly entertaining videos that are a cut above most other Sailor Moon wannabes.

    The Pretty Sammy series is cute, bright and fluffy, but with a pretty zesty kind of humour behind it. For instance, the second episode features a great parody of Bill Gates with world-dominating desires as Sammy's enemy. Other running gags such as Ryoko and Ayeka's violent rivalry to get their hands on Tenchi, or the completely freaky character of Sasami's mother (and her junkie-like addiction to karaoke) make this seem like a slightly more sharp and thought-out comedy than the standard, child-oriented magical girl shows. Also note a lot of in-jokes and references that anime die-hards will surely appreciate (such as an Evangelion pastiche in episode 3 that is laugh-out-loud funny if you get it). The plots of each episode are also more intricate than a run of the mill magical girl filler episode, and this being OAV-quality animation, it also looks much better than most TV-based shows of this genre.

    It's cuddly and innocent enough to draw in very young children, who will feel right at home with the bright and cheery characters but the more intricate humour can and will appeal to many older viewers. As such, it makes very good "family viewing" (though I utterly hate using that term), and proves once again that all of anime is not made up of Akira-style gore and violence (because there are -still- people out there who haven't gotten that point).

    Overall highly recommended to fans of cute and comical anime, and those who can appreciate Japanese-style fluffy and funky nonsense. The character designs are lush and colorful, with good, solid animation to go. Adorably cute as well as hysterically funny, this series is always very entertaining to watch.
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    • Author: Dolid
    if you liked tenchi, you'll love sammy. this is a very interesting spin-off of tenchi muyo!, involving all the characters in a sailor moon style setting. the characters are cool, the animation is a little behind from tenchi, but the hilarious story makes up for all that. if you also want to see aeka as a villain, get these videos. overall, pretty sammy is very cool.
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    • Author: Efmprof
    This is a funny send up of the pretty girl princes warrior type anime and realy nails the ridiculousness of it. Kind of like what scream did for Horror films it is what it parodies and is generally better than what its based on. The luv luv monster is absolutely hilarious.
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    • Author: Yainai
    Another spin-off of the Tenchi Muyo! cast, this is a bit different. It's a spin-off of a spin-off! Sasami appeared first as Pretty Sammy in the Mihoshi Special for a couple of minutes and now she has her own show. The voice acting is superb and the story line is well done. The show doesn't take itself too seriously at times (ex. Pixy Misa yelling "Strike the set!" after her dramatic entrance and the background returns to normal). Her name is Sasami Kawaii and she is recruted by Tsunami to create peace on Earth to help restore balance of Gemini so Tsunami can become queen of Jurihelm. The 2nd in line candidate for queen, Ramia, tries to sabotage Tsunami and Pretty Sammy by sending her little brother Rumiya to transform Sasami's best friend Misao into the Magical Girl Pixy Misa!

    All of the regular Tenchi Muyo cast makes an appearance during the series. Examples are Tenchi as a filmmaker, Ryoko as royal guard to the queen, Aeka as the far end-of-the-line candidate for queen bent on destroying the Earth and Washu as a very eccentric and energetic genius who is teaching the science class at Sasami's school as a pretext to study magic.

    A very funny and occasionally touching story fills this series and keeps you wanting to watch more and then watch it over again. Almost all of the characters have a comedic moment at one point or another but Pixy Misa steals the show whenever she decides to turn up to cause trouble for Sammy. Close on Misa's heels is Rumia as the scene stealer of the show. Whenever these two are on, the show takes off. I'm not an expert on "Magical Girl" types of shows but "Magical Girl Pretty Sammy" makes fun of them whenever it can and does it very well. A must see for a good laugh and it will lift your spirits on a dreary day.
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    • Author: Zeks Horde
    This is a great video for all ages if you enjoy anime. I watch it like every day it's so awesome. The subtitles are easy to read and it's really funny. I definitely recommend this video.
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    • Author: Goldcrusher
    Maho shojo pretty samy (english title:magical girl pretty samy) is pretty cool action film about a girl named Sasami kawai who's in 5th grade who gets become the magical girl heroine pretty samy.I liked it alot,but i think Chisa yokoyama does a better job than sherry lynn (Katie ashley) her voice sounds alot younger and she can even sing the theme song better! but all in all,both sasamis and versions are good.

    And theres also a song called "Dream away" (english),in my opinion the japanese is way better.The american version kind of sounds annoying,in my opinion.
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    • Author: Wanenai
    I'm commenting here only on the three part OAV (Original Anime Video) version of Pretty Samy (not Magical Project S). This is basically a hilarious spin off from Tenchi Muyo, where Sasami (now Tenchi's sister) plays the lead. Other Tenchi Muyo characters also appear and as usual Ayeka and Ryo-ohko are fighting over Tenchi. Sasami acquires special powers whereby she can transform into a magical girl and well use powers of reason and 'love' to try to make the world better - in essence fight her nemesis - a similar magical girl (just that she is bent on evil). When love fails - Sasami resorts to physical force :). Episode 2 features someone very famous from the real world (of software), it's incredibly funny that Pioneer/AIC put him in. Pretty Samy is not a show to be taken seriously, it's a slapstick comedy anime with enough comedy to split your sides, if you love Tenchi Muyo - you will enjoy Pretty Samy. Pretty Samy is also in a way a parody of the many anime Magical Girl shows the Japanese like to produce.
  • Series cast summary:
    Chisa Yokoyama Chisa Yokoyama - Sasami / - 1 episode, 1996
    Etsuko Kozakura Etsuko Kozakura - Ryo-Ohki 1 episode, 1996
    Rumi Kasahara Rumi Kasahara - Misao 1 episode, 1996
    Maya Okamoto Maya Okamoto - Ramia 1 episode, 1996
    Tomoko Ishimura Tomoko Ishimura - Rumiya 1 episode, 1996
    Kazuki Yao Kazuki Yao - Ginji 1 episode, 1996
    Rie Iwatsubo Rie Iwatsubo - Honoka 1 episode, 1996
    Yûko Mizutani Yûko Mizutani - Mihoshi 1 episode, 1996
    Taiki Matsuno Taiki Matsuno - Hiroto 1 episode, 1996
    Tomoko Kawakami Tomoko Kawakami - Konoha 1 episode, 1996
    Ayaka Hibiki Ayaka Hibiki - Eimi 1 episode, 1996
    Yumi Takada Yumi Takada - Romio 1 episode, 1996
    Miki Itô Miki Itô - Kotoe 1 episode, 1996
    Daisuke Ishikawa Daisuke Ishikawa 1 episode, 1996
    Osamu Hosoi Osamu Hosoi 1 episode, 1996
    Takayasu Usui Takayasu Usui 1 episode, 1996
    Takehiro Murozono Takehiro Murozono 1 episode, 1996
    Emi Motoi Emi Motoi 1 episode, 1996
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