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A young policewoman is picked for an undercover job--getting close enough to a gangster's son so that she can plant a microphone at a table where the gangsters make their deals. Complications arise when she finds herself falling for him.

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    • Author: Kazimi
    What a story, just look at this movie with your family or your friends or with your brother or sister, it will feel better. Why? (easy question) because this movie definitely very very funny.

    The first time I saw this movie with my sisters we all laugh so hard. Just look at Miriam Yeung acting as an undercover cop who very coincidence liked by Daniel Wu (that was the first time I saw Daniel), she was so funny. Beside this movie is not having a short plot like other movies.

    I should say to the director that he was succeed to make this movie as one of the best from Hong Kong's Cinema.

    Daniel as a prince charming and Miriam as a modern and funny cinderella, why not?
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    • Author: Ishnllador
    Although Love Undercover isn't one of the best movies around, I believe it's worth watching. Fans of the romantic comedy genre and of Hong Kong stars Miriam Yeung and Daniel Wu as both the male and female leads, will find this movie worth their while. The suddenly flamting Daniel Wu seems to be everywhere these days and he'll probably go up from there. Miriam Yeung is adorable - it is no wonder why she is at the top of the box office. She'so at the top of her league - undeniably the best comedic actress around today. Sammi Cheng - she's hot on your tail! Pick it up - it'll give you some laughs and eye candy as well. :)
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    • Author: Camper
    surprisingly salaeble last year but comments went very extreme. perhaps hong kong's undergoing a transformation in culture. to those who in it find nothing enjoyable may also find nothing funny and even feel uncomfortable in this comedy. there seems to be a stab at the traditional value although not so sharp is it. so no wonder some people really get riled with its style. but something traditional or conventional is still preserved. like Pretty Woman, the love story offers a every-girl dream - a charming, rich and loyal boy friend. quite entertaining and some parts even moving. reason of course is not the main concern. in fact everything goes crazy. but can audiences other than those living here can grasp the humour ??? that's a question. perhaps it can be viewed as a key to understand the philosophy of new generation. the style reminds me of Johnny English. so take it easy. it's a nice comedy but please don't expect too much. 5/10
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    • Author: Voodoozragore
    I watched this film based on all the good audience reviews I read. If anyone wants to see 2 fine actors such as Daniel Wu and Miriam Yeung performing in a wonderful, charming, romantic comedy then I'd have no hesitation in recommending ...Drink Drank Drunk.

    If on the other hand staring at Daniel Wu for 2 hours would be entertaining for you, then Love Undercover is just the ticket!

    Miriam plays a lovably dumb Policewoman who stumbles her way onto a case involving triads. Hunky Daniel plays the son of a triad who becomes enamoured by Miriam. Miriam likes Daniel but wonders is he or isn't he (a triad). The majority of the target audience are probably also wondering is he or isn't he (gonna take his shirt off).

    This film is basically Police Academy set in Hong Kong. It's a little silly, a little juvenile, and also a little charming. It's good but not that good.
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    • Author: Jorius
    This movie is the best. A romantic comedy with Miriam Yeung, she is a great actress. To tell you the truth this is the first time i had ever seen Daniel Wu. i have seen Miriam before but not Daniel, he is a total babe. In one scene they were protecting the dad because there was a bullet went through a banana because they are all undercover cops they protect him but he gets more beat up and not a bullet in him. And Kuen ( Miriam Yeung) falls in love with the "target" aka Hoi (Daniel Wu) and them she gets taken of her case. And they get back together planning to get married and he doesn't know that she is cop still and her since her father was shot that was before she got taken of the case finds out from her trusty ketchup bottle that has a mic, she finds out that he is going to kill Micky. And from then she stops the killing and they break up she gets shot by his ex girlfriend which he never liked and was jealous of kuen so its happily ever after and they get together.
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    • Author: Taun
    Daniel Wu and Miriam Yeung fit particularly well into their roles and give a solid performance. There are some interesting plot twists and turns, though the editing falls short. The lines are well-designed for a rom-com and the music score simply makes it more hilarious.
  • Credited cast:
    Miriam Chin Wah Yeung Miriam Chin Wah Yeung - Fong Lai Kuen
    Daniel Wu Daniel Wu - Hoi
    Shiu Hung Hui Shiu Hung Hui - Officer Chung
    Wyman Wong Wyman Wong - Roger
    Sammy Leung Sammy Leung - Over
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Hin-Wai Au Hin-Wai Au - Academy Assignment Officer
    Siu-Yan Cha Siu-Yan Cha - Madame Cha
    Chung Chow Chung Chow - Au Yiu San
    Matt Chow Matt Chow
    Joe Lee Joe Lee - Chuen
    Siu-Kei Lee Siu-Kei Lee - FBI officer
    Siu-Ming Lui Siu-Ming Lui
    Alan Mak Alan Mak
    Frankie Chi-Hung Ng Frankie Chi-Hung Ng - FBI officer
    Raymond Ho-Yin Wong Raymond Ho-Yin Wong - Hung Chow (as Ho-Yin Wong)
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