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The team tries to confiscate an important device on a train, but when one agent takes a very risky move that backfires, the entire team is affected.

On the jet Coulson tells Ward if anything goes wrong he'll spend rest of career in Alaska, doing night shift on Blonsky's cryo cell. Blonsky refers to Emil Blonsky, aka the Abomination, the main enemy from The Incredible Hulk (2008).

Ming-Na Wen suffers from a fear of heights and had to muster up all her courage to film the scene of May walking atop the moving train.

Stan lee cameo in this episode

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    • Author: allegro
    Shield comes back to us with an amazing episode. Everything from the character moments, to the writing and even the effects were incredible.

    The several different story lines in this episode were well written and seamlessly blended to make a fun, enthralling piece. The best part about these story lines is that they all take place at around the same time so that it seems much more cohesive.

    Each character that their own great moment. May had a good episode where she had to go alone through a bunch of situations. Her torture scene was awesome as she basically shrugs off being stabbed. Simmons was hilarious as she over prepared for her lie about her being Coulson's daughter in order to blend in. Ward had to deal with the fact that Coulson knows about he and May. His scene with him trying to turn on the holotable was pretty funny cause I didn't really think about how difficult it actually would be. His entrance into the villa where he takes out a bunch of bad guys was pretty awesome. Fitz had a good time as he showcased his great American accent and had to deal with being in the field again, albeit without Ward their to back him up. Coulson was fun too as he had to deal with Simmons' elaborate, embarrassing lie. His time with Ward in the field was fun too as they have to figure out what happened to the train. Finally, Skye was really important as she had to deal with the fact that she was an 0-8-4, she found out the Mike was alive but truly a weapon for the Clairvoyant and she was shot in the gut by Quinn. They are going to have to try and save her so maybe this is going to link up to how Coulson was saved.

    The effects for Mike's prosthetic leg was pretty good. It was really cool to have the Stan Lee cameo. I also really like The Incredible Hulk reference when Coulson said that he could make Ward guard Blonsky's (The Abomination) cryo cell.

    + Very good writing and pacing + Character moments + Deathlok! + Stan Lee cameo + Abomination mention

    Final Score: 9.4/10
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    • Author: Danrad
    Damn this episode is good! The format stands out the most, the cuts to the different team members and the narrative style of this episode was great, didn't feel like a gimmick at all, just added to the tension and the mystery, the episode also had so many funny moments, even on re-watch, knowing the funny stuff are coming I couldn't resist bursting into laughter, bonus..Stan Lee!, may he rest in peace. Another great thing about this episode, something that would later become a hallmark for the show, and that is pairing off different characters and have them play off each other, such is Skye and Fitz in this episode, and to a lesser extent, Jemma and Coulson, seeing those new dynamics added much flavor to this episode.
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    • Author: Adrielmeena
    The intensity of the episodes keeps rising and this is the rollercoster on which intensity reaches a climax. Each character's own story on the train is played out in turn and it works beautifully to build mystery and intrigue throughout. The episode has many great elements: the ingenious plan to locate Quinn which gets us hyped, amazing ninja action sequences from May, the disturbing return of Mike Peterson and the bloody ending. It is hard to believe afterwards that in was all contained in just 40 minutes.

    It's one of those "hanging on a thread" story lines where the plan goes awry and every team member has to improvise. It's interesting to see how they handle it. Meanwhile, the clairvoyant becomes even more sinister as we get the impression he is in no hurry to kill any of members of Coulson's team. Implying that whatever his plan, it goes far beyond simply creating soldiers for personal use without the nuisance of Shield on his back.

    So yeah, just a shame some of the later episodes weren't as good as this one.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Clark Gregg Clark Gregg - Phil Coulson
    Ming-Na Wen Ming-Na Wen - Melinda May
    Brett Dalton Brett Dalton - Grant Ward
    Chloe Bennet Chloe Bennet - Skye
    Iain De Caestecker Iain De Caestecker - Leo Fitz
    Elizabeth Henstridge Elizabeth Henstridge - Jemma Simmons
    J. August Richards J. August Richards - Mike Peterson / Deathlok
    David Conrad David Conrad - Ian Quinn
    Carlo Rota Carlo Rota - Luca Russo
    Emily Baldoni Emily Baldoni - Sofia
    T.J. Ramini T.J. Ramini - Mancini
    Stan Lee Stan Lee - Debonair Gentleman
    Ludwig Manukian Ludwig Manukian - Train Conductor
    Brandon Molale Brandon Molale - Smith
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