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Sofía and her friends suffer an accident on a car trip, having to spend the night in an abandoned house, not knowing that it's inhabited by souls of sacrificed victims.

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    • Author: Deorro
    This movie pretends to be of terror, but it just makes you laugh, it's ridiculous in several aspects, not even the "jumps scares" work. It is about Dominican soldiers making a vudu pact with Haitians, yes, then a descendant of one of the military has to face the devil. There are only ridiculous deaths and absurd scenes, like Archangel Michael fighting with the devil.

    In everything else as direction, special effects, photography and performances everything is wrong, even resort to using chroma key horrible.
  • Credited cast:
    Carlota Carretero Carlota Carretero - Madre sofia
    Fiora Cruz Fiora Cruz - Madre Sofia Joven
    Solly Duran Solly Duran - Miriam
    Karla Fatule Karla Fatule - Escarlette
    Juan Fernández Juan Fernández - Revenant
    Luis Filgueira Luis Filgueira - San Miguel
    Iván García Iván García - Profesor
    Karla Hatton Karla Hatton - Luz
    Marquis Leguizamón Marquis Leguizamón - Bruja 2 (as Marquis Leguizamon)
    Maggy Liranzo Maggy Liranzo - Bruja 1
    Billy Marte Billy Marte - Estudiante medicina
    Billy Martin Billy Martin - Juan
    Johnnie Mercedes Johnnie Mercedes - Bryan (as Johnie Mercedes)
    César Olmos César Olmos - El abuelo
    Hensy Pichardo Hensy Pichardo - Padre Sofia
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