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Short summary

Jake Krandle, one of the cutest boys at Ridgeway Middle School breaks up with his girlfriend, and all the girls at school want a piece of him. Carly thinks she'll get just that when she invites him on her web-show to perform some songs he wrote. But during a rehearsal, Jake is found to be a horrible singer, and Carly has to struggle to convince an already jealous Freddie to digitally enhance his voice.

Sam mentions trading her locker with a kid on the wrestling team named "Arthur Gradstein." Arthur Gradstein is the name of a writer on the show.

This episode has Sam saying she switched her locker but on iDream Of Dance she shares her locker with Carly.

Episode credited cast:
Miranda Cosgrove Miranda Cosgrove - Carly Shay
Jennette McCurdy Jennette McCurdy - Sam Puckett
Nathan Kress Nathan Kress - Freddie Benson
Jerry Trainor Jerry Trainor - Spencer Shay
Austin Butler Austin Butler - Jake Krandle
Lexi Ainsworth Lexi Ainsworth - Lexi
Doug Brochu Doug Brochu - Wrestler #1
Joseph Buttler Joseph Buttler - Mr. Stern
Chloe Carlson Chloe Carlson - Baby
John Jeon John Jeon - Duke's Friend
Norma Michaels Norma Michaels - Jake's Grandmother
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ashley Ausburn Ashley Ausburn - Cross Eyed Girl
Shawn Crowder Shawn Crowder - Stunts
Micky Drummond Micky Drummond - Jake's Singing Voice (voice)
Taylor Gunnin Taylor Gunnin - Lexi's Friend
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