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Short summary

The Sword tells of an epic journey of faith - and the passing down of faith - from ancient days through the modern age. Forged during the time of Christ, the sword itself begins as a typical weapon of a prison guard but becomes a family symbol of steadfast faith as it is handed down over time and generations. In its central narrative, The Sword tells the story of Garron, the young son of a medieval nobleman who is left in charge of the family estate when his father is summoned to war. After his mother's health worsens and his sister Annora is abducted by enemy raiders, Garron must make difficult choices in overwhelming circumstances in keeping his word to defend his home, his family and his faith.

Credited cast:
Allison Boyle Allison Boyle - Anorra De Foi
Aaron Brown Aaron Brown - Marcus Fidelius
Joel Brown Joel Brown - Mathias
Rachel Brown Rachel Brown - Aurelia Fidelius
Stephen Brown Stephen Brown - Marcellus Fidelius (as Stephen Brown)
Lauren Cibene Lauren Cibene - Josette De Foi (as Lauren Leak)
Warren Dunklin Warren Dunklin - Brother Michael
Grace Jackson Grace Jackson - Roberta (as Grace Dunklin)
Garrett Lashley Garrett Lashley - Mahmoud
Denise Leak Denise Leak - Constance De Foi
Jonathan Leak Jonathan Leak - Jonathan De Foi
Ethan Milukas Ethan Milukas - Sheik Assad
Sutton Milukas Sutton Milukas - Hakim
Aaron Pendleton Aaron Pendleton - Groban
Jim Shealy Jim Shealy - Qasim
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