» » Pokémon Enter the Phantom Masked Coordinator!! (1997– )

Short summary

A distressed mother enlists Ash and friends to find the true identity of a mysterious Pokémon Coordinator she believes is leading her son astray. When they realize, however, that her son is in fact this very coordinator, hiding behind a mask only because his mother refuses to understand his love for Pokémon, these young Pokémon trainers must abandon their original mission and help this eager Pokémon Coordinator attain his goal of entering a local Pokémon contest against his mother's wishes.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Veronica Taylor Veronica Taylor - Ash Ketchum / May (voice)
Eric Stuart Eric Stuart - Brock / James / Dusclops / Duskull (voice)
Rachael Lillis Rachael Lillis - Jessie / Torchic / Pokédex (voice)
Madeleine Blaustein Madeleine Blaustein - Meowth (voice) (as Maddie Blaustein)
Amy Birnbaum Amy Birnbaum - Max (voice)
Ikue Ôtani Ikue Ôtani - Pikachu / Roselia (voice)
Jason Griffith Jason Griffith - Timmy Grimm (voice) (as J. Griff)
Erica Schroeder Erica Schroeder - (voice) (as Bella Hudson)
Jamie McGonnigal Jamie McGonnigal - Tommy Grimm (voice)
Karen Neil Karen Neil - Mrs. Grimm (voice) (as Karen Neill)
Mike Pollock Mike Pollock - Narrator (voice)
Lee Quick Lee Quick - Officer Jenny (voice)
Kayzie Rogers Kayzie Rogers - Wobbuffet (voice)
Michael Sinterniklaas Michael Sinterniklaas - Seviper (voice)
Lindsey Warner Lindsey Warner - Cacnea (voice)
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