» » Kink Episode #1.1 (2001–2005)

Short summary

Fanny and Fogg are two self-professed dedicated sado-masochists. In the intimacy of Fogg's apartment, they introduce viewers to the joys of S/M. At the beginning of our series Fanny and Fogg are the king and queen of Vancouver's kink scene. Episode One introduces us to two other key players in the kink community. Stephen is a bisexual who owns a hair salon in East Vancouver. He strives to live as pleasurable a life as possible. As he frantically prepares for a drag performance, he recounts the story of the one true love of his life, Kate. David, an old school, gay, leather master, is in search of his perfect mate. Our mentor to the world of kink, David defines the differences between old leather and new leather, as well as the kinds of masochists (or "bottoms") that he prefers.

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