» » Cowboy in Africa Incident at Derati Wells (1967–1968)

Cowboy in Africa Incident at Derati Wells (1967–1968) watch online HD

Cowboy in Africa Incident at Derati Wells (1967–1968) watch online HD
  • Original title:Incident at Derati Wells
  • Category:TV Episode / Adventure
  • Released:1967–1968
  • Director:Allen Reisner
  • Actors:Chuck Connors,Tom Nardini,Ronald Howard
  • Writer:Robert Sabaroff,Ivan Tors
  • Duration:1h
  • Video type:TV Episode

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Short summary

While rounding up some wild horses, Jim and the gang are taken hostage by a tribe of Native Africans who intend on forcing them to catch and train the horses before killing them. Samson, told to stay home, sneaks in the truck, then works to get back into Jim's good graces. He meets a boy and they work on lassoing their own wild game. Jim does his best to protect him from the truth.

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    • Author: Braendo
    In this episode, we see the three ranchers taken hostage by a group wanting freedom. They want the horses to make good their escape. Besides being held against their will to train horses they catch, Samson is out with a young African boy pretty much on his own. For most of the episode, Samson has no idea anything is even wrong. Samson knows Jim is worried, but Jim covers it up with some sweet talk.

    For the viewer who enjoys plenty of action, this one will probably work. Jim throws quite a few punches, though in the end it's a little boy on a run away horse that saves the gang from being shot. A lesson is learned and they are all friends...

    Wrapped up a bit too nicely.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Chuck Connors Chuck Connors - Jim Sinclair
    Tom Nardini Tom Nardini - John Henry
    Ronald Howard Ronald Howard - Wing Commander Hayes
    Gerald Edwards Gerald Edwards - Samson
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Rupert Crosse Rupert Crosse - Jama
    Yaphet Kotto Yaphet Kotto - Musa
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