» » Pinoy Big Brother Jimson Raises a Heated Argument with Kath (2005– )

Short summary

Since Rob and Rica performed a violation in House A by sharing the shower room the other day, Big Brother lays down their rightful consequence-they are to share a giant shower cap all throughout the day. Fortunately, Jason selflessly shows concern for the two, thus convincing Big Brother to cut the said trial short. On the other hand, while Rob and Rica are at the verge of convincing their housemates that they are a couple, Patrick, Kath and Jimson's task in House B seems to be getting harder than they thought. To further convince everyone about Patrick and Kath's relationship, Big Brother stages a wedding anniversary for the posing couple. And in line with the said occasion, he asks all the housemates in House B to make the so-called married couple's day a very special one. The girls in House B grow pretty excited with their given task; but in contrast, the said job makes it harder for Jimson to maintain his cover. Unfortunately, even the very special Jacuzzi break Big Brother gave ...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Toni Gonzaga Toni Gonzaga - Herself - Host
Melai Cantiveros Melai Cantiveros - Herself - Housemate (as Melisa)
Paul Jake Castillo Paul Jake Castillo - Himself - Housemate (as Paul Jake)
Jason Francisco Jason Francisco - Himself - Housemate (as Jason)
Johan Santos Johan Santos - Himself - Housemate (as Johan)
Tibo Jumalon Tibo Jumalon - Himself - Housemate (as Tibo)
Marielle Sorino Marielle Sorino - Herself - Housemate (as Mariel)
Kathleen Lopeña-Ortega Kathleen Lopeña-Ortega - Herself - Housemate (as Kath)
Hermes Bautista Hermes Bautista - Himself - Housemate (as Hermes)
Cathy Remperas Cathy Remperas - Herself - Housemate (as Cathy)
Rica Paras Rica Paras - Herself - Housemate (as Rica)
Patrick Villanueva Patrick Villanueva - Himself - Housemate (as Patrick)
Carol Batay Carol Batay - Herself - Housemate (as Carol)
Yuri Okawa Yuri Okawa - Herself - Housemate (as Yuri)
Robert Stumvoll Robert Stumvoll - Himself - Housemate (as Rob)
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