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When four high school best friends' lives are dramatically changed on the night of a near fatal accident, eighteen years later they're reunited, only to discover that a set of past and ... See full summary
When four high school best friends' lives are dramatically changed on the night of a near fatal accident, eighteen years later they're reunited, only to discover that a set of past and present secrets will alter the course of their futures forever.

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Richard T. Jones and Melissa de Sousa previously starred together in Lockdown (2001), also playing a couple.

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    • Author: LoboThommy
    I'm not sure how this movie is receiving such high praise. I thought the idea behind it was great, but the final product was quite poor. It ended up being slow, shallow, and a little hard to take seriously.

    I think it was great idea to portray a group of African American friends in a positive light with no connection to violence, drugs or criminal activity, but beyond that this movie failed. The acting was atrocious and made it very hard for me to stay engaged in the slow moving plot. The dialogue was inconsistent and the characters lacked the depth required to take their reactions seriously to the situations that were presented.

    It would be nice to see more movies along these lines so that the bar might be raised and we can take it more seriously.
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    • Author: Zamo
    I met the writer "accidentally" at the ABFF in New York City and he invited me to preview Cru. Oliver Ottley is both a gracious individual and a talented writer.

    His writing has some memorable lines that I still quote -- and the director beautifully visualizes the writer's intentions on film. Weaving appropriate music (watch for a lead actor with a gorgeous voice) and flashbacks allows the composing team to tell a beautiful, sometimes joyful, sometimes humorous, and sometimes bittersweet story of an unusual reunion of four basketball players years later.

    I understand that Cru captured most awards at the ABFF -- and well-deserved from this writer's perspective. The post-conference (after the screening) allowed me the opportunity to hear the cast members answer questions and reflect on the craftsmanship.

    Please do not miss this movie -- it is fabulous!
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    • Author: Vudojar
    This has a very good storyline, and I like how the characters were able to come full circle from close friends to estrange relationship, and back to close friends again despite a tragedy. Good to see a black cast doing good work and putting a positive message out there using real life situations that happen within our community. Whenever you have a movie that can draw you in, and make you identify with one or more characters as yourself, it leaves a lasting impression on you, and that is exactly what happened to me while watching this great movie. You get to walk away with learning life lessons, and it makes you evaluate your own personal friendships, realizing that life is too short to not be surrounded by the people you love. I thought it was a very well written movie, glad I had a chance to view it.
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    • Author: The Sinners from Mitar
    By the end the movie there was not a dry eye in the screening room at the Bronze Metal Film Festival. I'm not sure if it was from the story line or our overwhelming pride of Oliver. Seeing his and Alton dream become reality.

    From the opening credits to the closing credits this movie captured my attention. The story line was dramatically realistic. The chemistry of the actors drew you into the movie making you feel like you knew them personally. The music throughout the movie was outstanding. This was a life changing movie for me personally. I forced me to evaluate life and the people in my life and cherish each moment.

    I am extremely proud to call Oliver W. Ottley III one of my dearest friends. He put his heart, soul and personality into this film. I congratulate him as well has Alton Glass on a job well done. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future. This is a movie you don't want to miss.
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    • Author: Water
    When the movie started I expected it to be good because I love Keith Robinson as an actor, but not THAT good! I watched it twice and managed to still cry crocodile tears. I give the acting and production quality 2 thumbs up. The story was realistic and very heartfelt.

    There was an acceptance between this group of friends that was very refreshing as you don't usually get to see positive images of black males especially in moments when they're most vulnerable. If you don't call someone and tell them you love them after the film, someone might have to check your pulse!

    Congratulations to Oliver and Alton and the entire CRU team! Job well done.

    Oh! How could I forget...did you realize that was Keith Robinson singing the score!?! "Looks Like We've Made it" BIG Chune.
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    • Author: Agalas
    My first impression of Cru was that it's refreshing to see a film with a predominately Black cast with good acting AND presented with such a high production value. It's rare to see so many Black men on the screen and not have the story center around a life of crime.

    Cru is a film about friendship and forgiveness, and the latter is a topic many families could use a refresher course in. The film also explores some interesting territory including, but not limited to: the African immigrant experience, loving Black women and fatherhood.

    While I may have figured out some of the major plot twists halfway through, I enjoyed watching the characters grow and arrive at these destinations. You feel the bond between the crew and the actors have a natural chemistry which comes through the screen.
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    • Author: Coirad
    The Cru storyline is easy to follow and identify with. The acting is excellent, and the emotional intensity of each scene was palpable. I gave the film a solid A-. It touches on the issue of teenage driving under the influence without being cliché or preachy. There's bound to be a situation or character in this film that each viewer can identify with. The film is really about the effect that one decision or a single moment can have on the rest of your life. Definitely going to pull at a few heartstrings. Several of the film's themes will resonate with the audience. The score for the film is excellent as well. I was impressed with the music and appropriateness of some of the selections. The photography and editing of Cru adds to the intensity of certain scenes and enhance the viewing experience. Overall I enjoyed watching a film featuring Black actors that was about everyday issues of the human experience. It's not just a story of perpetuating stereotypes. I look forward to this film becoming a classic among multiple film enthusiasts worldwide.
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    • Author: skyjettttt
    It's refreshing to watch a film where the story touches a heavy subject in such a light manner. Friendship, brotherhood & redemption, and how much this actually shapes a man's life, usually is portrayed in a war or other kind of extreme situations in Hollywood movies. But in Cru, four ordinary guys leading ordinary lives (it could happen to any of us) pulls us into its ups and downs and its surprises, laughing and crying throughout the film. Cru gives us a window into African American society and its cultural problems while still being relevant to anyone.

    We usually form a life-long friendships at school, a special kind of bond that we might never find again later in our adult life. And we grow apart because of success, wealth, love jealousy or grudge on a past mistakes all too often. But in the end, we are who we are because of whom we were with in a crucial moment of our life.

    Very well written story plus great acting and wonderful chemistry among the four friends. A very enjoyable ride.
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    • Author: Malodred
    What more can I say? I haven't witness great filmmaking like this in some time. Alton's style of filmmaking is what we need more of. He gave us what we've been waiting for...

    Just finished watching CRU. Alton, you incorporated every element of a great film. From the dialogue to the quality of true filmmaking. The story is universal and where it needs to be, to touch the core of all, from their hearts to their soul's. Can't wait to see the next one...

    I highly recommend this film. It shows a side of humanity and how important it is for all of us to care unconditionally for one another.

    Keep up the great work, my brotha!
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    • Author: Bragis
    MUST SEE...I got to watch CRU during the Toronto film festival and I wanted to thank you for making a movie that so many people can relate to in so many ways. CRU was absolutely amazing. It really touched my heart, there were happy and sad tears as I related to some of the parts in the film. It had something for everyone. Everyone left the theatre talking about how great it was. It's not everyday that you see men in tears leaving a movie. I'm so glad I got to see your film. Great cast, great script and was shot really well. It is totally worth watching again. thanks again :) Cheers,

    Pegah Donna
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    • Author: you secret
    I have watched the film Cru twice already and I am thoroughly impressed with the depth of the writing and character interactions throughout. The actors were strong in their delivery, some better then others but all very successful attempts. Touching on serious issues and possible solutions definitely gave the film powerful substance and meaning. The twist and turns of each character made me feel various emotions while viewing Cru. There were times I was happy, angry, sad, surprised, and compassionate. I feel that anyone who a appreciates a strong story and vision on screen should not miss this movie. Salute to all parties involved in the piece of art. This film has the potential to touch lives around the world and teach lessons about Friendship, Love, Hate, Loyalty, parenting, secrets, and endurance. Great work.
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    • Author: Yalone
    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The characters were well developed and the storyline was very good. It was a real movie dealing with subject matter and situations we all face daily. CRU is a breath of fresh air. We have plenty of depictions of our people in negative lights and it felt good to see characters portrayed almost mirroring people I actually know, in some of those same situations. It felt good to see characters that were portrayed in realistic roles. I could relate to a few scenes and scenarios personally. I'm gonna watch it again cause I know missed some things. Great job by the whole team who put this together. Big ups to Oliver Ottley III and Alton Glass for a well put together film. If this is the beginning then I can't wait for what the future has to hold. The sky is the limit for you guys and I congratulate yall on your success and SALTUE the grind.
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    • Author: Cherry The Countess
    Great movie to watch with friends!! It so refreshing to see black brothers in a "cleaner" light than the way other films portray them. The only thing I would change, would be that I think maybe it should have had a little more interaction between the boys in the beginning to show the closeness of the friendships, but the end sealed it for me! Also the interaction of Marshall and Michelle "back in the day" would have added a little drama to the film but all in all, great film. You gotta watch it to see what happens... The soundtrack was 5 STARS!!! Although I may add that the actors voices kinda got a little soft in some areas. A MUST SEE FILM!!
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    • Author: Welen
    This movie was one of the BEST pieces of work I've seen in a very long time. I tend to shy away from movies these days due to mediocre writing, directing, and god-awful acting. This movie was NEITHER of the above. From the cinematography to the superb storyline, I actually felt a pulse and my heart was moved watching this awesome movie and, trust me, that hasn't happened for me in a VERY long time. Kudos to Alton Glass for giving those of us who would rather spend our valuable time watching a great movie that brings forth different emotions due to the fine writing, excellent acting, and overall direction. I can't express enough how great this movie is. It's a definite must see. I only wish there were more movies like this to choose from. Give us more, Alton Glass. You ROCK!!!!
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    • Author: mr.Mine
    I think that the creators from the writers,directors, and actors of the Film "CRU" did an outstanding job. One aspect that caught my attention is that the film was different from the usual depiction of African Americans in Hollywood, so the projection of people who's made mistakes but still can presevere through friendship through hardships was well received. It was also good to see successful men and successful doesn't mean rich!The actors did an great job playing their roles and really brought me into their worlds with their display of each character. This film also brought light to an illness that can take your love one away from you, so you should hold your love ones close without having any regrets or grudges to carry on. Great Film
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    • Author: Nuliax
    I was able to see 2015 Cru at the Bahamas International Film Festival. It spoke to me so much about friendship--the ups and downs , the way that life moves mysteriously with much out of our control. How often is our life determined by a single moment? Oliver Ottley's film is beautifully directed with a superb acting ensemble. The script is concise and focuses on people that are too rarely seen in films--but at the same time you feel that they are recognizable and are part of your experience. Like life, Cru is both unexpectedly funny and sad. It is superbly shot and edited, The music is superb. Cru is filled with grace and I can think of no higher praise. It would be great to meet these characters in ten years!
  • Credited cast:
    Taran Braxton Taran Braxton - Biker
    Ashanna Bri Ashanna Bri - Office Worker (as Ashanna Wall)
    Jermaine Crawford Jermaine Crawford - Richard 'RJ' Hughes Jr.
    Greg Davis Jr. Greg Davis Jr. - Young Richard
    Melissa De Sousa Melissa De Sousa - Michelle Hughes
    Alison Eastwood Alison Eastwood - Allison Doyle-Ewansiha
    Julie Garibaldi Julie Garibaldi - Julani
    Cheryl Francis Harrington Cheryl Francis Harrington - Teminobi Ewansiha
    Pamela Marie Hobby Pamela Marie Hobby - Bernice Ottley
    Will Holman Will Holman - Coach Reed
    Richard T. Jones Richard T. Jones - Richard 'Rich' Hughes
    Harry Lennix Harry Lennix - Diego Glass
    Annette Luna Annette Luna - Chelsea
    Diandra Lyle Diandra Lyle - Alex Pearson
    Quentin Miles Quentin Miles - Young Adisa
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