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Tanisha (Played by Mahiya Mahi) is a incognito serial killer in Thailand, She is known as the "Killer Queen", While She Tries to Take Revenge on An Underworld Don Ainal (Misha Shoudagor); He hires a Daredevil Boxer Dragon (Arefin Shuvo) to kill her, While in mission Dragon fall in love with Tanisha without knowing It's Her he was sent to kill; but later finds out. What Will He Do?

After the release of the trailer, the lead actress of the film Mahiya Mahi was named as "Angelina Jolie of Bangladesh."

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    • Author: Arilak
    Really enjoyable movie- especially for the very first time in Bengali movie any heroine (This time Mahiya Mahi as Tanisha who has become an incognito, trained killer to take revenge on her parents's murder in childhood ,) is seen to perform in such tremendous and mind-blowing action sequences. All the audience in movie theater seemed to enjoy her lovely acting, spontaneous action, peculiar & exceptional expression and awesome dance. Then although this movie is heroine based, Arifin Shuvoo ( as Dragon/Shishir who is on mission to protect underworld dons and kill their deadly enemies) did fantastic and marvelous job as an action hero who is sometimes comic ( along with comedian Kabila) too. He showed his acting, dancing and singing talent effectively. Then all the villains, other side actors and definitely child actress Puja as little Tanisha acted very well.

    Then although any twist is rarely found in plot, boredom was never felt watching about two and half hours.The soundtracks were cool to listen, cinematography was eye-soothing also. The movie is breaking box office records in Bangladesh for its widely acceptance among audience, technical brilliance, superb action and funny sequences .The director Iftakar Chowdhury and his whole team really did brilliant and praise- worthy job. So watch it to get flavor of a total package of pure entertainment!
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    • Author: betelgeuze
    'Agni'(2014) is certainly Bangladeshi Bangla Action Thriller Movie at it's best. The making, action sequences, drama,photography, music, background score are simply astounding.It's a giant leap for the commercial Bangladeshi movie into a new era. The plot and sequences are crisp and devoid of any redundancy. The plot though sometimes reminded me of the 2011 French-American action film "Colombiana". A girl prepare herself for the revenge of the gruesome murder of her parents and train herself for the same and ended up killing them all.But, the narration of the story in celluloid was very masterful and drew a huge Bangladeshi crowd to the theaters after such a long time.Certainly the kudos goes to the whole teams and crews of "Agni". The tile song "Ami Agni" was a rock number and well-suited for such an action thriller.We want to see such entertaining and well produced movies from Bangladeshi Film Industry in the days to come.
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    • Author: Malann
    The Movie, Agnee is basically an action based movie blended with romanticism. The most important and significant part of this movie, as an audience, while I was watching, I found thirst and awaited for the next seen. And definitely I must give credit to the actress Mahiya Mahi for her key, bold and appealing appearance on the big screen. The director and the producer can be given credit secondly next to the actress. Specially the way they have used smart technology smartly and they the way they have handled those scenes till the end. I must say Arifin Shuvoo played very good role. But, I should say, his role might have been bolder. Lastly the negative casts were excellent, the were really fearful and unbeatable villains. I should also say, the movie title would have been more smart. This name doesn't suit to such kind of a smart movie. Ultimately the making is quite good.
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    • Author: Gogul
    Best Bangladeshi Action Film Ever Seen, This Film will be written in History Bangladeshi Film Revival. A 10 Star Film. If This Kind of Film is continued to me made through next 5 Years Bangladeshi Film can compete with Bollywood. The Action Scenes are absolutely mind blowing and Overally the film is not worth a miss. This film is a big slap to those who think Bangladeshi Film doesn't have any commercial market, This film smashed all the Box Office Record by Big Margin after release, If Directors make good film then Bangladeshi film can go even further. All the best to The team of Agnee and Looking Forward to Agnee 2, Hoping Agnee 2 Will be even bigger and better
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    • Author: Nikok
    To be frank, I've never seen a Bangladeshi action film like this (in good sense) before. It's just okay. Actress Mahia Mahi could do better acting, though it was acceptable. Arefin Shuvo done a good job. Something that make me laugh was the graphical program used by Mahi on her laptop. Okay, this section is underdeveloped on Bangladeshi films. Many times sequence of the scenes was violated. For example, when Tanisha attacked her target with knife on boat and caught by Dragon, she jumped on the river. And on the next scene we see both Tanisha and Dragon engaged on a speedboat fight. It's kinda annoying. The flashback scenes also have flaws. They captured recent time Dhaka city video and used as 10-12 years past Dhaka. We see Windows 7 running laptop used in 12 years past scene! One thing I liked is the music - there are good songs. I was surprised by Arefin Shuvo's cool voice on the song with Kona - thought I was listening to Fuad. Overall a good time pass for casual Bangla movie watcher. Watch it in your free time!
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    • Author: YSOP
    The movie is best...And mahi is a perfect actress for agnee
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    • Author: ME
    Went to the Cineplex just to pass time and had a very low expectation; but the movie was unexpectedly good! It has a decent story line, impressive camera-work and a lovely soundtrack. Most of the cast acted pretty well and the humor was sufficient as well. Arefin Shuvo was excellent but, have to say Mahiya Mahi was overacting quite a lot. Hopefully both of them will improve further and will deliver better performance in future films.

    It definitely has flaws but it still managed to give me hope that- our film industry is finally heading towards the right direction! For that reason, I am ignoring all the drawbacks of this movie and giving it 10 out of 10. I will definitely recommend this movie to everyone.
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    • Author: Broadcaster
    A young woman, after witnessing her parents murder in front of her as a child. She grows up o be a stone-cold assassin to avenge her parents. The movie script follows the original movie colombiana(2011). The director added some comedy in the film ( which is pretty good). Apart from good picture quality & nice view, the actor Arefin Shuvo ( Dragon) did a very bad job in the movie. The actress (Tanisha) Mahiya Mahi, her acting in the film was somewhat enjoyable. However, Compared to Mahi & Shuvo the childhood character of Mahi did an excellent job in acting in the movie. I will rank this movie as 3 where 1 points is for comedy, 1 point for the childhood character of Mahi & 1 for the whole movie.

    Original Movie Colombiana (2011) IMDb Rating 6.4 Link:
  • Credited cast:
    Mahiya Mahi Mahiya Mahi - Tanisha
    Arifin Shuvo Arifin Shuvo - Dragon
    Aliraj Aliraj - Gulzar
    Puja Cherry Roy Puja Cherry Roy - Tanisha (young)
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Kabila Kabila - Dragon's maternal uncle
    Misa Sawdagar Misa Sawdagar - Haider
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