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Emma Morris at her young age faces a traumatic accident where her best friend Lily dies. She is in a shock, doctors have faith in her recovery, but it doesn't seem that she is getting better. Her family and friends are helping her throughout this difficult moment, when a series of inexplicable events start to happen in their town. Everything is overwhelming for everyone, mostly for the Morris family, due to Emma's situation.

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    • Author: Anarawield
    How in the world did this score so high? The actress playing Emma did a great job, yes, but it was boring and forgettable with no climax. Before snobs begin with the "you only hate it because there isn't any blood and guts...blah blah blah.." I will stop u right there. I can appreciate a slow burner. I also appreciate when characters have a purpose? Who was Jacqueline- the teen who was taking pictures and intruding? It made no sense to me. Just a C movie through and through.
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    • Author: Cells
    EMMA is a wearisome indie horror effort about a traumatised young woman and the haunted town in which she lives. I say horror but it's more like a 'would be' horror film because this plays out as a cheap family melodrama for the most part. There's a lot of tears, a lot of worried faces, and a cheap repetitive feel for the most part. At least half the running time seems to be made up of a woman driving a car in close up, which isn't my idea of fun.
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    • Author: Mr.Bean
    Well, I just waste 1 hour of my life for like nothing. Looks like someone just forget 20 mins of film, when they edit it. What happens? It was telekenesis (like in that 70s film) or just she was a psycho or its all just lame this-it-was-dream? I really don't know, because they even did not tell me. Actors play decent, yes. But its just not a film without... well... SOMETHING at the ending. I did not ask about explanation, no, just give me something better than nothing.
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    • Author: lubov
    I started this movie with no expectation and I got hooked right away due to a different visual choice to start the movie and make the transition after we are introduced in Emma's world. I like that the movie talks and shows what happens in our minds in the darkest moments. I like the approach. If you look for a movie with zombies and blood jumping on the screen for sure it is not your type of movie. I think the girl (Emma) did a fantastic job and the relationship between the parents is perfectly portrayed. I like how at the end everything is connecting all the dots which during the movie you think have been left behind. Saw the movie with my husband and we both enjoyed it.
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    • Author: Gtonydne
    I understand some of the dislike for this and acknowledge that the film has some flaws. It is clunky in places, the acting of the parents is sometimes a little stagey but the part of Emma and her brother are acted very well. With just a few tweaks, the plot could have been much tighter and satisfying. All that said, I thought the story was told in an interesting and unusual fashion with plenty of aspects left open to interpretation by the end. Was this all a hospital-bound dream ? Was Jacqueline a personification of Emma's self-awareness trying to break into her fake reality ? A cut above most linear horror narratives, I think.
  • Cast overview:
    Desi Ivanova Desi Ivanova - Emma Morris
    Beverly Hyde Beverly Hyde - Jane Morris
    Kevin Flood Kevin Flood - Dave Morris
    Alicia St. Louis Alicia St. Louis - Kim
    Cameron Currey Cameron Currey - Simon Morris
    Kika Cicmanec Kika Cicmanec - Lilly
    Lavinia Postolache Lavinia Postolache - Jacqueline
    Steve Crest Steve Crest - Officer Brandon
    Adora Soleil Bricher Adora Soleil Bricher - Stephanie
    Ava Dougherty Ava Dougherty - Young Emma
    Martin Robert Noss Martin Robert Noss - Gary
    Jesse McClung Jesse McClung - Neighbor
    Juliette Sedlacek Juliette Sedlacek - Nurse (as Juliette A. Sedlacek)
    Yash Khanna Yash Khanna - Doctor
    Anthony Flores Anthony Flores - Patient
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