» » The Twilight Zone To Protect and Serve (2002–2003)

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An idealistic cop is determined to keep a prostitute safe from her recently deceased pimp.

The title is from the motto on the Los Angeles, California police cars.

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    • Author: Owomed
    ****SPOILERS**** After LAPD policeman Eric Boggs, Usher Raymond, saved Carla Arroye's,Samantha Estreban, life by shooting her pimp Rigo Valintine, Dion Jonstone, as he was about to slit her throat he started getting strange calls from a person who claimed to be the late Rigo who said he was going to finish the job that Boggs prevented him from doing: Icying his ungrateful ho, or hooker, Carla Arroyo for holding out on him! It got so bad, the phone calls, that Boggs went to the city morgue to see if in fact Rigo was there and dead as a door nail which he was!

    Feeling that he might be suffering from burn out Boggs is later shocked to hear from his police partner Officer Angela Penny, Gabrielle Miller, that Carla was found murdered in her hotel room by a man fleeing the scene who matched the dead Rigo's description! Starting to feel that he's losing it Boggs goes into a deep depression not only in the fact that Carla was murdered but that he, in not killing or putting Rigo on ice, couldn't prevent it from happening!

    ***SPOILERS**** It's later that Boggs tracked down where the mysterious phone calls from the dead Rigo were coming from! A pay phone in the alley not far from where he gunned Rigo down! It's when Boggs got there that the truth, or what he thought it was, about that incident came into full focus reality for him. Either he lost his mind or is suffering from a deep guilt feeling in not preventing, as hard as he tried, Carla from being murdered Boggs ended his painful and non-stop suffering by ending it all himself.
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    • Author: Lanionge
    Not a particularly memorable episode. Usher plays a good policeman who thinks he has gotten rid of a pimp and protected a prostitute that he cares about. The problem is that even though the guy is in the morgue, he makes threatening phone calls to Usher, saying that he will kill the young woman and nothing can stop him. We are let in on the psychological issues with the police officer. He is dedicated, but working within the system leads him nowhere. Unfortunately, outside the system is way outside the system. Overall, a bit simplistic.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Forest Whitaker Forest Whitaker - Himself - Host
    Usher Raymond Usher Raymond - Eric Boggs (as Usher)
    Samantha Esteban Samantha Esteban - Carla Arroyo (as Samantha Becker)
    Gabrielle Miller Gabrielle Miller - Angela Perry
    Dion Johnstone Dion Johnstone - Rigo Valentine
    Artine Tony Browne Artine Tony Browne - Homicide Detective (as Artine Brown)
    Klodyne Rodney Klodyne Rodney - Morgue Attendant
    Daniella Evangelista Daniella Evangelista - Prostitute
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