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    • Author: Felolune
    this movie is a really touching work, with a romantic and tragic component. The director has a wonderful feeling concerning the silent and interrelated moods. The unfulfilled love story between two people in their later period of living, which didn't manage to find to each other in earlier times, is narrated very moving. The actors are very convincing especially Michael Mendel, who did a great job. Christine Neubauer plays after a long time a role, which is absolutely against her normally expected mainstream-trashy character. She is avoiding all the clichés for which she is famous for. Too bad, that she is not brave enough to use her potential in this way more often. In the meantime, there is a recutted version, made by the director Jörg Schnitger. This new version has an even better flow, concerning the timing of the scenes. Mr Schnitger has a great potential. I think we will see a lot of good stuff from him in the near future!
  • Credited cast:
    Manfred Andrae Manfred Andrae - Otto
    Philipp Danne Philipp Danne - Tobias
    Michael Mendl Michael Mendl - Koballa
    Gandi Mukli Gandi Mukli - Eisverkäufer
    Christine Neubauer Christine Neubauer - Manuela
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