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If you thought all that talk of semifinals the past two weeks meant this week was the Americas Got Talent finals, guess again. Why stop now, when we could stretch this season out for another week?The Top 10 competed for Americas vote Tuesday night, and this time around there would be no judges choice. The vote will determine everything this time, and the top four vote-getters will compete next week for the $1 million grand prize.Judge Piers Morgan threw down the gauntlet, saying that the acts had to be absolutely perfect tonight.Studio One Young Beast Society: The young, reckless dance crew, which focuses on its tricks when choreographing its routines, said they were trying tricks on Tuesday that theyd never done before. There were some tremendous flips that got the crowd on its feet. What a start, Piers said, adding that he really liked that the group got more ambitious every time on stage. He called it a brilliant performance. Sharon said their passion and ambition shows and loved ...

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    • Author: Saberdragon
    I'm gonna go with this years America's Got Talent, but I really mean 2011, cause that's when I started watching this, so I'm talking from that year, onward. With it's phenomenal array of talent, and ones that are well, not so talented, this show had me, hook line and sinker. I'll be honest, the array of acts on America's Got Talent, are more narly, mesmerizing, than Australia's Got Talent, and this is coming from an Aussie, truthfully. The pool of talent, is just of a higher stature. This show has got another special something. Can you guess, what it is? Howie Mandel, an ex actor I use to admire from his St Elsewhere days, and the other almost other Simon Cowell clone, of Piers Morgan, where I much more prefer Howard Stern. Boy, is he tough, but sometimes too, unpredictable, when hitting the judging mark. The little arguments, or disagreements, between Howie and Howard, and I love it when Stern gets in a tizz, just flavors it more, and amps up the entertainment value, where I'm so god damn glad, Mandel is on this show. Yeah I prefer America's version to Australia's version, but hey, I love, Australia's version too. I just think this is better. Opt for this one instead.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Nick Cannon Nick Cannon - Himself - Host
    Joe Cipriano Joe Cipriano - Himself - Announcer
    Jackie Evancho Jackie Evancho - Herself - Contestant
    Nathaniel Kenyon Nathaniel Kenyon - Contestant
    Leo Lam Leo Lam - Himself - Dancer
    Howie Mandel Howie Mandel - Himself - Judge
    Piers Morgan Piers Morgan - Himself - Judge
    Brittany O'Connor Brittany O'Connor - Herself - Magician Assistant- Michael Grasso
    Sharon Osbourne Sharon Osbourne - Herself - Judge
    John Quale John Quale - Himself - Contestant (as Prince Poppycock)
    Murray SawChuck Murray SawChuck
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