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An educational film about HIV/AIDS.

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    • Author: Gaiauaco
    This movie was sort of like We Are The World, except not exclusively for musicians. You had the biggest stars circa 1991-1992 giving cautionary advice about unprotected sex and the risk of AIDS and HIV.

    Some of the sketches are pretty corny (i.e. the fake River of Tears movie, Jaleel White's rap, Sinbad dressing up as a condom), almost like looking back at 70's photos and gawking at the bell bottoms and long hair. Only this was made when I was around 10, so I remember a lot of these things. I saw this video in 1999 when I was in high school health class, and my class just laughed all the way through it. It was more like laughing at the video rather than with it.

    Still, though, it was a good and humorous attempt to get the message across instead of the rather scary AIDS awareness adds they have on VH1 now (i.e. the guy who celebrates his 33rd birthday, then dies face flat in his cake). Although you can't help but cringe at the way the filmmakers get the message across, they do make it so it sticks with you. I still remember the message from Paul Rodriguez's sketch, "One night of pleasure is not worth a lifetime of pain". That's powerful stuff. Once you look past the Pauly Shore and Sinbad sketches of the early 90's, you'll see a timeless message.
  • Credited cast:
    Paula Abdul Paula Abdul - Herself
    Kirstie Alley Kirstie Alley - Herself
    Mayim Bialik Mayim Bialik - Herself
    Tom Cruise Tom Cruise - Himself
    Jasmine Guy Jasmine Guy - Herself
    Arsenio Hall Arsenio Hall - Himself - Host
    Kadeem Hardison Kadeem Hardison - Himself
    Neil Patrick Harris Neil Patrick Harris - Himself
    Magic Johnson Magic Johnson - Himself - Host
    Janet Tracy Keijser Janet Tracy Keijser - Herself
    Luke Perry Luke Perry - Himself
    Paul Rodriguez Paul Rodriguez - Himself
    Erol Sarabi Erol Sarabi - Himself
    Pauly Shore Pauly Shore - Himself
    Sinbad Sinbad - Condom
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