» » Cinema Insomnia with Mr. Lobo Carnival of Souls (2001– )

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A story so unusual it will burn itself into your mind. Mainly because this feature length film would have mad a great 22-minute Twilight Zone episode and feels like you've seen it twice when you've seen it once. Never the less, it is one of the best inexpensive horror films this side of Night of the Living Dead and is a favorite of thrifty TV programmers. An all out ratings war erupts between Cinema Insomnia host Mr. Lobo, Fly By Night Theater host Francois Fly and Horror House hostess Lady Skankenstein and they all decide to compete with each other by showing the same film on the same night, Carnival of Souls. But no matter who wins, the viewers loose! Candace Hilligoss stars as a drag racing church organist who goes soul searching and finds herself drawn to the haunted Saltair Pavilion, where ghostly ghouls are waiting to punch her eternal dance card. This semi-artsy horror film was made by independent filmmaker Herk Harvey and a bunch of his pals, neighbors and business partners in...

Episode credited cast:
Francois Fly Francois Fly - Himself
Mister Lobo Mister Lobo - Himself
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