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    • Author: Umrdana
    This movie is a worth the money. It has a good balance of comedy, masala, entertainment and romance.

    Good acting and direction, best part of the movie is the songs.
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    • Author: Iphonedivorced
    Nice movie with very good screenplay with human values watch it with family .
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    • Author: Malaris
    Very Good Movie, family entertainer and happy watch this genre of movies .. Acting, Songs, Cinematography, Script, Screenplay and Direction is really Good ..
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    • Author: Jesmi
    Due to some technical glitchs movie release postponed
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    • Author: Vathennece
    Beautiful movie with nice humour and emotions which connects to all youths.
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    • Author: Hilarious Kangaroo
    The movie reviews goes as per the title. Fortune plays important role in everyone's life. Story developed as per the fortune. The movie has a capability to connect audience to their reality. Pros: 1. Good Casting. 2. Great Story line 3. Amazing Dialogues 4. Melodious Songs 5. Great Visualizations 6. Story Narration.
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    • Author: Huston
    Good movie must watch it with family for entertainment movie will connects to all IT and Corporate Audience.
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    • Author: deadly claw
    Good family entertaining movie very much related to today's corporate world with comedy elements
  • Cast overview:
    Diganth Diganth - Paartha
    Sonu Gowda Sonu Gowda - Anusha
    Swathi Sharma Swathi Sharma - Shruthi
    Bala Rajwadi Bala Rajwadi - ShyamMurthi
    Lakshmi Siddaiah Lakshmi Siddaiah - Sharadha
    Kalyani Raju Kalyani Raju - Umakka
    Ratan Ram Ratan Ram - Swamy
    Rajesh Nataranga Rajesh Nataranga - Prahallada
    Naveen Krishna Naveen Krishna - Naveen
    Sujay Shastry Sujay Shastry - Arun
    Preethi Rangayanis Preethi Rangayanis - Rekha
    Vinayak Joshi Vinayak Joshi - Prashantha
    M.S. Narasimha Murthy M.S. Narasimha Murthy - Writer
    Pallavi Raju Pallavi Raju - Pallavi
    Dileep B.M. Dileep B.M. - Dileep
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