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    • Author: Najinn
    A totally unique film in Danish film history. A post-apocalyptic science fiction film. Only a little more than 3000 people saw the film in the Danish cinemas, but it´s not really that bad. It's a mixture of Italian "Mad Max" rip off´s, Andrei Tarkovsky´s films, Lars Von Triers "The Element of Crime" and Luc Besson´s "Le Dernier combat".

    The theme is your responsibility to do what is right, even though you have been ordered to do something else. It's a film which in many ways are very similar to Kristian Levring´s other films. It´s also about isolated people under enormous pressure, and how they react under these extreme circumstances.

    This film tries to both be an art cinema film and an action film, but do not succeed completely in any of the genres. But still it´s not uninteresting. The biggest problem with the film is the really bad sound work, which means that the lips are not in sync when the actors are speaking. Steen Jørgensen, the singer of the famous danish band Sort Sol plays the films bad guy "Gule"("Yellow"), but Sort Sol has not delivered any of the music to the film.
  • Credited cast:
    Henrik Birk Henrik Birk
    Lizzie Corfixen Lizzie Corfixen
    Ole Dupont Ole Dupont - Sergent
    Claus Flygare Claus Flygare - Captive gangleader
    Steen Birger Jørgensen Steen Birger Jørgensen - Yellow (rival gangleader)
    Pouel Kern Pouel Kern
    Lars Oluf Larsen Lars Oluf Larsen - Rookie soldier
    Claus Lembeck Claus Lembeck
    Frank Schaufuss Frank Schaufuss - Army captain
    Lars Sidenius Lars Sidenius
    Niels Skousen Niels Skousen
    Morten Suurballe Morten Suurballe
    Susanne Voldmester Susanne Voldmester - Roaming girl
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