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Tough-as-nails adventurer, Neil Stryker, faces immeasurable odds in this madcap comedy bloodbath when he comes face to face with an EVIL CULT! Armed with a bag of tricks, Stryker unleashes the pain on Walter, the cult leader, and his brainwashed followers.

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    • Author: Elildelm
    As with any film featuring the likes of Teddy Ruxpin, this once receives nothing but the highest of accolades from me. Though Teddy Ruxpin's part is quite small in this film, it is a highly concentrated burst of cinematic magic. This arises mostly from the fact that Teddy plays a full-fledged evil character, as opposed to the oft seen creepy good-guy role. Any way you look at it, however, it's movie gold.

    Now I would have given this movie the same glowing review if the other 87 minutes without Teddy Ruxpin were just a video of my coworkers baby spitting all over itself. But that's not the case! It turns out the non Teddy Ruxpin parts are equally good! It's a really funny low budget flick that any horror fan would enjoy. It recalls a time when horror-comedies were the medium of choice for indie filmmakers looking to entertain, and this stands right up alongside some of those earlier offerings.

    I'd recommend this to anyone interested in independent cinema, but moreover I'd say that all aspiring filmmakers should check this out as it's a great representation of what you can do when you're creative and you don't have that much money.
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    • Author: Silly Dog
    Evil Cult is quite an achievement, especially when you factor in that they were working on an extremely low budget. As is the case, with almost any micro budget film, some of the actors' cannot act. Most of the time, this is because they are untrained, and just friends with the director, or a crew member. Evil Cult suffers from this as well, but they delivered the goodies where they counted, so I found it easy to overlook some of the shoddy acting. Neil Taylor does a good job as the wisecracking hero, and even reminded me of genre icon Bruce Campbell, early in his career. The gore was present, and they even managed to build some suspense. It's been a while since I've viewed this film, but I don't recall any significant T and A, and you know what? I honestly didn't care, which really says something about the overall quality of Evil Cult. The homages to classic movies like Evil Dead are frequent, and although this is far from the breakthrough achievement Evil Dead was, I would still keep my eye on the director. All in all the carnage was fun, the blood flowed freely, and I laughed out loud, quite often. I recommend this, as long as you aren't to picky about some of the bad acting, mostly from the villain who pops up later in the film.
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    • Author: DireRaven
    I've bought over 70 DVDs in the past year and I watch them once and forget about them. There is only one movie that has kept me entertained like no other. That movie is Evil Cult, I have watched it four times this year so far. If you like Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, etc. then watch this movie! I swear it will not disappoint. I'm not a movie snob, I just like good movies and this movie has got it all.


    Do not go into watching this movie thinking it is going to be an Academy Award winner, because it isn't. This is the type of movie you and your buddies can hang around the tube and watch sharing laughs the whole way through.
  • Credited cast:
    Matt Zak Matt Zak - Nigel
    Greg Gosser Greg Gosser - Walter
    Kyle Day Kyle Day - Winston P. Eppleton
    Bryna Smith Bryna Smith - Sister Bethany
    Chris Howcroft Chris Howcroft - Brother Luis
    Jim Riehl Jim Riehl - Brother Stephen
    Allen Taylor Allen Taylor - Cedric
    Neth Rose Neth Rose - Ben
    Katie Ewing Katie Ewing - The Girl
    Nic Costa Nic Costa - Cult Victim
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Rob Taylor Rob Taylor - Neil Stryker
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