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Alice Guy (later known as Alice Guy-Blaché) tackles the subject of bad parenting in this dramatic, tear-jerking short.

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    • Author: mr.Mine
    The title of this film translates to "The Cruel Mother". At first, I had no idea why, as you see this lady sweeping and caring for her daughter. Then, oddly, she leaves and you see her in another home--who was the guy helping her in the first part of the film and why is she no longer in her humble home but in a nicer place? The film THEN switches back to the original crappy home! I had to watch the film three times until I think I understand the problem. I think (and I could be wrong) that the reel got messed up--edited wrong so that the second scene SHOULD have appeared first. Then the story would make a lot more sense.

    The story seems to show a lady with a small child who becomes engaged to a man who has a child of his own. After they marry, she acts sweet in front of the hubby but slaps around his kid when the man isn't looking. Eventually the kid runs away but the nice policeman finds him. When the day and the cops figure out what's been happening, the husband goes home and threatens to throttle the lady if she does that again! Not exactly enlightened entertainment, but enjoyable once you realize what is happening...I think!
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