» » Carson & Morrison: Patrulla de Rescate (2010)

Short summary

Carson and Morrison are two clumsy superheroes who want to film, with a little help from cameraman Sebas, a show-reel showing their abilities, in order to join the Academy For Superheroes. But they will live a crazy adventure and will have to confront all sorts of criminals while trying not to accidentally destroy the city of Magnapolis.

Credited cast:
Sergio Ferrer Sergio Ferrer - Secuaz de Manonegra
Eduardo Ferrés Eduardo Ferrés - Morrison
Ruth García Ruth García - Sombra Nocturna
David Hidalgo Moreno David Hidalgo Moreno - Álvaro Manonegra
Cristina Lark Cristina Lark - Chica del bolso
Adrià Pagés Adrià Pagés - Sebas
Efrayn R.S. Efrayn R.S. - Locutor (voice)
David Romero David Romero - Carson
Miguel Ángel Romero Miguel Ángel Romero - Secuaz de Manonegra
Raul Sarasa Raul Sarasa - Tornado Harrison
Jordi Vidal Jordi Vidal - Iblis
Carlos Zaforas Carlos Zaforas - Ladrón
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