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Bei Weiwei is a beautiful and intelligent computer science major who plays an ultra-high-level character in an online game. When her game "husband" divorces her character, she unexpectedly meets the #1 game avatar, Yixiao Naihe, who immediately asks her to marry him to accomplish game goals. But where does one draw the line between a fantasy game and real life-- especially when the game relationship becomes more important to both players than they expected?

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    • Author: Realistic
    This movie is enjoyable from the first scene to the last, surprising considering that most "gamer" movies tend to fizzle out about half way through. The main character Bei Weiwei (Angelababy / Angela Yeung Wing) could not have been played better. Angelababy is cast in a very feminine and cute role, but brings out the strength, character and competence of both the real life and game life of Bei. Boran Jing does a good job of playing the reserved and stoic role of Xiao Nai, the #1 player in the game. Both players and their avatars are realistically portrayed in a splendid mix of fantasy and reality.

    Although cliché, I enjoyed the special way this movie often combined the real world with the game world (although one scene featuring portals on a bridge jumped the shark a bit). Despite the gamer/fantasy setting of the virtual world, the fantasy characters and "real life" character both are played very well. The supporting characters are somewhat cliché as well, though acted well enough. The fact that the movie requires the supporting characters mostly as comic relief and moral support is the one weakness of the story-line, although that is forgivable considering the genre. An Asian movie without such characters would be somewhat of an unexpected let-down.

    The story-line is not strong, but strong enough to both keep the viewer entertained and present a morality play as well. It's nice to see a movie that doesn't take tired, over-used side-trips during the main plot. The developing romance between the online avatars and the unwitting Weiwei is enjoyable to watch from the spectator's seat. Much in this is predictable but enjoyable nonetheless.

    It's not a perfect film, nor a tear-jerker or film of the year. It just a very enjoyable romantic gamer film with excellent special effects and a script that for once succeeds in an over-used and often-abused genre. If you can understand the concept of mixing gaming and romance I fully expect you will enjoy this film very much.
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    • Author: Delalbine
    What a chemistry the two main characters have. I so love this movie that made me decide to watch its drama version.
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    • Author: Gio
    This movie is too embarrassed to watch for me. The movie edited completely different from the original novel, they took away the character's personalities, conflicts and hilarious dialogues, changed the plots into a cheesy romantic story.

    Weiwei supposed to be a exceedingly beautiful girl with great humor and good personality, not the one who has blink blink big eyes but lacking facial expressions. And not to mention the lead guy, his character setting is so embarrassingly ugly, what a terrible hair color and bang.
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    • Author: Fordrelis
    At first I was sceptical while looking at the poster of the movie my first thought was "can this movie be good?" However this movie proves me wrong the story turns out to be decent and romantic, the actress Angela baby and the actor Jing Bo Ran give life to this movie even though the plot is ordinary. I was laughing hard while watching Angela's embarrass moment and having quick heartbeat while watching Jing Bo Ran giving romantic gaze and gesture toward the female lead. In honesty even the game scenes turn out to be enjoyable and fun while the background song is really annoying. This movie is good to watch one time only since when I watch it a second time I cannot feel the excitement like when watching for the first time.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Angelababy Angelababy - Bei Weiwei / Luwei Weiwei
    Boran Jing Boran Jing - Xiao Nai / Yixiao Naihe
    Yu Bai Yu Bai - Cao Guang / Zhenshui Wuxiang
    Qian Wu Qian Wu - Xiao Ling
    Songyun Tan Songyun Tan - Erxi / Leishen Nini
    Yi Cheng Yi Cheng - Si Si
    Jiuxiao Li Jiuxiao Li - Qiu Yonghou / Houzi Jiu
    Xian Li Xian Li - Yu Banshan / Yu Gong
    Zijie Wang Zijie Wang - Hao Mei / Mo Zhata
    Mengqin Chen Mengqin Chen - Xiaoyu Yaoyao
    Yuchen Du Yuchen Du - Die Meng
    Hanchen Pang Hanchen Pang - Zhan Tianxia
    Yi Cao Yi Cao - Bei Weiwei's Father
    Yufang Wu Yufang Wu - Bei Weiwei's Mother
    Cici Wang Cici Wang - Xiaoyu Qingqing (as Zixuan Wang)
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