» » Keeping Up with the Joneses The Exchange (Christmas Special) (2011– )

Short summary

It's Christmas and Angela's department has its annual gift exchange program. Tension mounts as no one likes the person they picked for the exchange. Meanwhile Angela whose pregnancy has come full term has gone into labor.

Episode credited cast:
Daniel Best Daniel Best - Irving Jones
Jeffrey Brathwaite Jeffrey Brathwaite - Brian Parris
Denise Collymore Denise Collymore - Patrice Johsnon
Rotchell Gibbons Rotchell Gibbons - Angela Jones
Trishtanne Gittens Trishtanne Gittens - Nurse
Krystal Jordan Krystal Jordan - Gail Murphy
André Lynch André Lynch - John Murphy
Camille Russell Camille Russell - Melanie Matthews
Tia Sealy Tia Sealy - Samantha
Jeaneta Waithe Jeaneta Waithe - Keisha Bishop
David Workman David Workman - Doctor
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