» » The Files of Murphie (2006)

Short summary

Enter the world of Murphie T. Gentry, a down on his luck Bounty Hunter who just can't seem to keep it together. Banned from the Police Academy, Murphie has decided to start his own Bounty Hunting service in hopes of fulfilling his "obsession" with upholding the law. Unfortunately for Murphie, he finds out the hard way that Bounty Hunting is a tough business and only the strong survive. Adamant about pursuing his vision, Murphie embarks on a journey full of a wide array of characters that continually try to test his patience and shut down his business.

The Files of Murphie was originally uploaded and aired in parts on YouTube in early 2006 (when YouTube Launched). After 17 small videos, it was edited together as one entire short film.

During one of the Chapters called "Dirty Dancing", the actors were making such a comedic scene in the parking lot - innocent pedestrians and bystanders stopped to watch the entire filming.

The movie was intended to be a Mocumentary, and has tricked viewers many times into thinking its real.

Credited cast:
Roy Allen Roy Allen - Lance Monroe
Christopher Mauldin Christopher Mauldin - Murphie T. Gentry
J.P. McNeely J.P. McNeely - Pip Sanchez
Michael Norquest Michael Norquest - Todd Schultz
Andrew Hunter Sherman Andrew Hunter Sherman - Ricky Rock Cartwright
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