» » I need money (2017)

Short summary

He thinks he only needs more money. He is always trying to get more money. He justifies any attitude to get more money. He gets in trouble.

Credited cast:
Rami Hilmi Rami Hilmi - Franky Ford
Norberto Morán Norberto Morán - Leonid
Frenchi Marzi Frenchi Marzi - Alcimo
Pauline Minear Pauline Minear - Judge
Pamela Raffanini Pamela Raffanini - Fernanda Nose
Kay Nandola Kay Nandola - Dekistany
Cherrie Ho Cherrie Ho - Susie Wong
Max Klein Max Klein - Mr. George
Jorge Luis Luna Jorge Luis Luna - Goku Vanzetti
Rebecca Wedgwood Rebecca Wedgwood - Margaret
Hamza Baa Hamza Baa - Himero
Harry Sims Harry Sims - Tommy Crawford
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Gareth Murphy Gareth Murphy - Plautus
Alain Sa Alain Sa - Francoise
Marco Dt Marco Dt - Jim
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