» » Dincolo de calea ferata (2016)

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Radu has come back from Italy after an year and finds his wife totally changed. They spend the night trying to rediscover their selves. The distance has created distrust and confusion between them but Radu hopes for a new beginning. Music resounds beyond the railroad. The night was never that long.

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    • Author: Zamo
    This movie was just right.

    It presents the Romanian Balcanic culture.

    It is also about people in Eastern Europe that work apart from their families.

    Some pretty good love tension is also described step by step.

    Bucharest suburban culture is pretty nice designed through interesting footage.

    If you like European movies give it a try.
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    • Author: Wild Python
    Rarely can see a movie so bad. First, the film is not made for normal screen; it is only a framework of approx. 1.5 m x 3 m. The first 5 minutes are spoken in Italian, the translation is in Romanian language (in Romania) but the text is faded. The sound is poor: even though I am Romanian I understood very difficult and only partially the dialogs. Written and directed by incompetents. It is not allowed to write in public what I think about them. Much of the film was filmed in the deep dark and we do not understand anything. A mockery of filmmakers and actors picking through the suburbs. Who pays such nonsense and shameful movie ?
  • Credited cast:
    Alexandru Potocean Alexandru Potocean - Radu
    Ada Condeescu Ada Condeescu - Monica
    Giada Laudicina Giada Laudicina
    Claudiu Trandafir Claudiu Trandafir - Victor Dulceata
    Oana Tudor Oana Tudor - Angela
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Andrei Ciopec Andrei Ciopec - Nasul
    Lucian Ciurariu Lucian Ciurariu
    Roxana Condurache Roxana Condurache - Alice
    Mariana Danescu Mariana Danescu - Nasa
    Luminita Erga Luminita Erga - Carmen
    Puiu Mircea Lascus Puiu Mircea Lascus - Tati Eugen
    Dragos Mostenescu Dragos Mostenescu - Taximetrist
    Cosmin Padureanu Cosmin Padureanu - Nuntas #2
    Radu Romaniuc Radu Romaniuc - Florin Vocala
    Daniel Tomescu Daniel Tomescu - Nuntas #1
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