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The true story of Bill Sackter's emergence from lifelong institutionalization, to become an international hero for people with disabilities.
Abandoned in an institution for 44 years, Bill Sackter would never see his family again. Forgotten and alone, Bill's life changed through the help and friendship of a young college student, Barry Morrow and several other caring individuals. With a harmonica, a warm cup of coffee, and an incredible embrace of life, witness the transformation of the real Bill Sackter, from a neglected individual into a National hero for people with disabilities.

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    • Author: Whilingudw
    It is Thursday today--the last day it will be shown in any live cinema (Fleur Cinema & Cafe/Des Moines, Iowa). I saw this film on Tuesday and have found it increasingly difficult not to badger everyone I see about how good it was and try to nudge them into viewing it. My last victim was Bruce the barber in Altoona. It's funny how all these people are cordial, but you know in reality that they're just being nice to you and have absolutely no plans or desire to see it. Luckily, I have a couple good friends (Eileen and Amanda) at the disability center where I used to live, who are more than willing to let me take them and will undoubtedly identify with many characteristics of the protagonist. To me, the actual plot line is not as important as the simple fact that a genuinely nice person finds it feasible to overcome many supposed barriers with the "simple" act of being a good guy that people like to be around. There are more esoteric/deep philosophical arguments about the equal veracity of all religions, but that is not overtly stated and probably not even desired to be attained. The real joy in this movie is the fun-loving nature of Bill Sackter and the deep impact that he and his harmonica have on all who he comes in contact with. After today, the only way you can see it is to buy the DVD. You may think the price is expensive, but, believe me, less than $30 spent on a Christmas gift will get you over $100 in people's admiration for finding the perfect stocking stuffer.
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    • Author: Bloodfire
    I was 18 year old when the TV drama "Bill" aired in 1981. The movie was promoted as Mickey Rooney playing a retarded man. No other info was given. It aired two nights before Christmas. It was awesome. You got to hear that it was an Iowa story, that happened at Iowa City. The Bill TV movie beat every show that night in ratings.The next day, every morning talk show and news show was talking about it. Barry and Bill were overnight celebrities.

    I am 50 years old now, and just purchased the documentary. The documentary is very moving, very touching, and the music score really is a gem. The story is a living testament on how human beings should treat each other. So many lessons can be learned from this movie, and at the same time entertains the heck out of you.

    Anyone that has seen the movie "Forrest Gump" and has said to themselves that the Forrest Gump story could never happen will find out that they were wrong. It did happen, even before Forrest Gump was a story. In Bill Sackters case, it is not a story. It is true. That's what makes this story so special. This is a must see. I truly mean that.
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    Jack Doepke Jack Doepke - Himself
    Barry Morrow Barry Morrow - Himself
    Beverly Morrow Beverly Morrow - Herself
    Jeffrey Portman Jeffrey Portman - Himself
    Bill Sackter Bill Sackter - Himself
    Thomas Walz Thomas Walz - Himself
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