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Again Andy and Maggie are both extras on the same production, this time it's a period drama starring "hard-man" British actor Ross Kemp, who likes to play up to his tough persona. Another tough-guy actor, Vinnie Jones, is filming something nearby. When Andy brags to his rival, Greg, who's an extra on Jones' set, that Kemp could beat up Jones, the rivalry switches hands from the extras to the actors.

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    • Author: Goldendragon
    Originally intended as the opening episode of the series (and shown in the correct running order on the DVD), "episode 2" is an entertaining show and contains some memorable comic scenes.

    I've been a fan of Gervais since his appearances in "The 11 O'Clock Show" and it's always great to see his work. His character in "Extras" is a more likable character than David Brent and the scenes with Ashley Jensen are pure magic. Jensen shines in the show and it comes as no surprise that shortly after "Extras" had finished, the doors of Hollywood beckoned.

    Gervais' ability to have hard-men Vinnie Jones and Ross Kemp send themselves up in the show is a great touch.

    A strong 7 out of 10, this episode shows great potential for the series.
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    • Author: Hanelynai

    Ross Kemp And Vinnie Jones

    A Golden Globe Winning series; Extras is another one of Ricky's gem that came out from his pot and just as it predecessor it stands out alone on witty humor, practicality awareness and no nonsense sequences that glues this majestic series. Ricky Gervais keeps it true and to-the-ground one of the main reasons why it works everytime when he draws the curtains.

    The tone and the environment is palpable from the first frame projecting the discipline and the dedication of Ricky's work. It can be tricky to give space and range to the guest stars and still forward the plot line maintaining the quality of the material; something to look forward to.

    Behind the stage politics and the gossips are utilized smartly that is more thought provoking and something to be impressed by rather than some lame one liners that draws pity laughs and defies logic.
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    • Author: Linn
    In the second episode we see Andy's useless agent, Darren played by the show's co-creator Stephen Merchant. In five years he has not managed to get an acting part for Andy. We also see another one of Darren's talent, Barry from Eastenders acting as a gopher since he left Eastenders.

    In this episode Any is working on a costume drama with former Eastenders hard man Ross Kemp. As always Andy tries to befriend him in order to get some lines and Ross talks about his hard man image and his time with the SAS. He brags about how he could take on Vinnie Jones, the former footballer making a film nearby which leads to a showdown between the two.

    We also see Andy having a rivalry with another extra, Greg who always takes the opportunity to put down Andy.

    This was lot funnier than the first episode simply because Merchant's agent character works so well and Ross Kemp really sent himself up.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Ricky Gervais Ricky Gervais - Andy Millman
    Ashley Jensen Ashley Jensen - Maggie Jacobs
    Stephen Merchant Stephen Merchant - Darren Lamb
    Shaun Pye Shaun Pye - Greg
    Shaun Williamson Shaun Williamson - Barry
    Ross Kemp Ross Kemp - Ross Kemp
    Vinnie Jones Vinnie Jones - Vinnie Jones
    Raymond Coulthard Raymond Coulthard - Mark
    Natasha Little Natasha Little - Lady Hamilton
    Peter Sullivan Peter Sullivan - Film Director
    Emma Thornett Emma Thornett - Wardrobe Lady
    Tony Way Tony Way - Chef
    Katherine Parkinson Katherine Parkinson - Woman in Queue
    Emma Gilmour Emma Gilmour - Female Extra
    Barunka O'Shaughnessy Barunka O'Shaughnessy - Woman Extra
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