» » Un, dos, tres... responda otra vez Las mil y una noches (1972–2004)

Short summary

Kiko is not able to return to the show, so his substitute will be Mayra Gómez Kemp. She greets six former secretaries, who will give their glasses to the new secretaries. When Mayra introduces Profesor Lapiz, Don Racano and Don Estrecho, she discovers they are very late. They connect by satellite with Tacañón del Todo, when a lady says that the citizens of Tacañón del Todo have voted a new team to be send to the show to substitute the old ones. Unexpectedly, the new team is formed by women, Viuda de Poco, Inmaculada 'La Seño' and Mari Puri, three sisters who are granddaughters of Don Cicuta. Viuda de Poco is a widow lady very miserly, la Seño is the new teacher of Tacañón del Todo, and Mari Puri is even more puritan than her predecessors, since she faints only by seeing the secretaries in their uniforms.

The contestants that went to the last part of the show had already been present at the last part of the 74th chapter from the previous season. Both times they won exactly the same prize, half a million pesetas in a game. Only the game was different.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Mayra Gómez Kemp Mayra Gómez Kemp - Mayra
Paloma Hurtado Paloma Hurtado - Viuda de Poco
Teresa Hurtado Teresa Hurtado - La Seño
Fernanda Hurtado Fernanda Hurtado - Mari Puri
Josema Yuste Josema Yuste - Eunuco (as Martes y Trece)
Fernando Conde Fernando Conde - Hurí (as Martes y Trece)
Millán Salcedo Millán Salcedo - Portavoz de Tacañón / Hurí (as Martes y Trece)
Raúl Sender Raúl Sender - Vendedor de alfombras
Beatriz Carvajal Beatriz Carvajal - Percebeira
Luisa Armenteros Luisa Armenteros - Sherezade
Paul Potassy Paul Potassy - Ladrón
Alejandra Grepi Alejandra Grepi - Secretaria
Françoise Lacroix Françoise Lacroix - Secretaria
Irene Foster Irene Foster - Secretaria
Kim Marías Kim Marías - Secretaria
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