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Jen Heck's Airplanes tells the love story of two teenage girls from the moment they first see each other to their eventual break-up. While an educational-style voice-over discusses the science and art of flight, the characters, like airplanes themselves, take off, struggle to fly, and eventually come in for an emergency landing.

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    • Author: Paxondano
    This short film is about two teenage girls who meet and later make out but ultimately part at a carnival. While its gay/bisexual elements may have made some uncomfortable, what bothered me was the seemingly needless metaphor about airplanes taking off and landing. I was more interested in seeing their relationship grow than I was in seeing old training films about planes superimposed in a less than subtle manner to describe what was happening between the girls. My daughter calls this sort of film making "sledgehammer symbolism" and here that is definitely the case. Having the training film talk about "getting off" and other such double-entendres just seemed pretty juvenile--like letting Bevis and Butthead do voice-overs for what COULD have been a much more interesting film. I'd really like to see the film makers release a version without all the airplane nonsense, as it was only loud and distracting to me. Because, apart from all that, this was a pretty sweet and intriguing film.
  • Cast overview:
    Rachel Perry Kieffer Rachel Perry Kieffer - Stella
    Crista Russo Crista Russo - Anna
    J.T. Norton J.T. Norton - Boyfriend
    Maria Cunningham Maria Cunningham - Friend in a green shirt
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