» » The Stranger in Camp (1911)

Short summary

After having endured the abuse of her drunken husband as long as she could. Ethel Marsden left him and went west to teach school in a mining camp. Mack, a miner, fell in love with the attractive eastern girl. Ethel was attracted to the honest, tender, strong man. Still, she did not forget that she was a married woman. Mack thought she liked him yet could not understand her coolness at times. Ethel was afraid to tell him, for fear she would lose her position. Then one day, Ethel's husband arrived in town, and found his way out to her school and found her in conversation with Mack. He started to abuse her and the young miner came to her defense. Of course, Mack did not know that this was her husband. Determined to get revenge for his humiliations before his wife, Harry Marsden plotted with two greasers. Ethel overheard the plot, by which a decoy note was to be sent to Mack, purporting to come from Ethel, asking him to meet her at the schoolhouse. Mack received the note and went to the ...

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