» » Burghers of Vancouver (2016)

Short summary

The Burghers of Vancouver is the second collaboration between Denys Arcand and Adad Hannah. Shot on location in Paris and Vancouver it tells the stories of six individuals hired by a shadowy employer to recreate Rodin's 1889 bronze Les bourgeois de Calais in an urban plaza in Vancouver. Each of the six vertical screens follows a single participant from when they wake up and go to work until they return home and go to sleep. The six discrete stories come together to paint a picture of a group of people alone together as they assume the roles of Rodin's Burghers and perform a tableau vivant.

Credited cast:
Doug Abrahams Doug Abrahams - The Ex-Millworker
Pascal Chatelain Pascal Chatelain - The Ski Bum
Vincent Gale Vincent Gale - The Criminal
Philip Granger Philip Granger - The Poet
Sook Hexamer Sook Hexamer - Older Woman
Soyeon Hwangbo Soyeon Hwangbo - Older Woman's granddaughter
Kerry Sandomirsky Kerry Sandomirsky - The Ex-Millworker's wife
Camille Sullivan Camille Sullivan - The Ex-Junkie
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