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When Raj meets Simran in Europe, it isn't love at first sight but when Simran moves to India for an arranged marriage, love makes its presence felt.
When Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) and Simran (Kajol) first met on an inter-rail holiday in Europe, it wasn't exactly Love at first sight but when Simran is taken back to India for an arranged marriage, things change. Encouraged by his father Dharamvir (Anupam Kher), Raj decides to fly down from London to not just win his Bride but her whole family and the blessings of her father Baldev Singh (Amrish Puri).

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When Shah Rukh Khan drops Kajol at the end of "Ruk Jaa O Dil Deewane," director Aditya Chopra did not tell Kajol what was going to happen, so that her reaction would be genuine.

As of 13 April 2007, the film's initial theatrical release lasted 600 weeks - more than 11 years - a world record.

Aditya Chopra had lots of trouble filming the scene where Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) jokes with Simran (Kajol) about the previous night. The reason was that every time Shah Rukh Khan would open his shirt, Kajol would not stop laughing. The pictures of the lips on the chest were drawn by Kajol.

As of May 2005, the film played for over 500 weeks at the Maratha Mandir theater in Mumbai, India, making it the longest-running initial release in the history of Indian cinema. This is a few weeks more than Sholay (1975).

The title name for this movie was suggested by Kiron Kher, wife of the famous actor Anupam Kher.

After SRK won Best Actor for his role in this movie, Aamir Khan stopped attending the Filmfare Awards because he felt he should have won for Rangeela.

On 14 December 2014 the movie continues and has remained in theaters and in 19 years, 1000 weeks.

Saif Ali Khan turned down the role of Raj Malohtra.

Shah Rukh Khan's friends in the film, Karan Johar and Arjun Sablok, both later went on to become successful directors.

Aditya Chopra wanted to cast Tom Cruise for the legendary role of 'Raj Malhotra' in 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge' as he wanted it to be an Indo-American affair. But Aditya Chopra had to re-work on his story as Yash Chopra didn't want to make it with foreign star.

The movie was released on 25th anniversary of Yash Raj Films.

"Mere Khwaboon Mein Jo Aaye" was the first song to be recorded. Aditya Chopra rejected 24 verses by Anand Bakshi before approving this one.

On December 14, 2014, Aditya Chopra released a book titled "Aditya Chopra relives... Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge" to celebrate the film completing 1000 weeks.

A film with the same title " Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" was released in 1980.

Aditya Chopra named Shah Rukh Khan's character Raj after Raj Kapoor.

Many blind people have experienced this movie and they enjoyed the film very much.

International Techno song "Doop" (Sidney Berlin Ragtime Band Extended Version) by the European band Doop is played in the movie. It appears when Kajol is dancing with her sister while their dad Amrish Puri is away from home.

Yash Chopra wanted Milind Gunaji for Parmeet Sethi's role. But Milind refused to shave off his beard. This made Yash opt for another actor.

Director Karan Johar makes acting debut in this film.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge released on October 19, 1995, just a couple of weeks before SRK's 30th birthday. The film was a huge hit with the audiences, as it told a very simple love story of Raj and Simran. The characters were essayed on the silver screen by Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge released 19 years ago, and has been running at the Maratha Mandir theatre in Mumbai for all this while. DDLJ was directed by Aditya Chopra and produced by Yash Raj Films.

Green queen: Simran's all green mehndi attire became a huge hit, just like the song. Interestingly, even at her own wedding with Ajay Devgan, Kajol wore a green Maharashtrian sari.

One of the most popular tracks 'Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna' of 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge' that features Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and the effervescent actress Kajol was originally thought to be a part of another movie.

Himani Shivpuri was scripted to be in the last scene of the movie, but her husband died during the making of the movie, which made her unable to participate.

DDLJ was the first film to have a 30-minute television show on its making. The Making of DDLJ was telecast on Doordarshan.

Included among the "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die", edited by Steven Schneider.

Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan were all offered the role of Raj Malhotra.

Sooraj Barjatya watches DDLJ almost every week, and especially before starting a new film.

Yash Raj Films recently reunited Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol for a photo shoot to bring in the 500 weeks celebration. While the lensman was setting the lights, Kajol was fretting. When SRK asked her the reason, she said, ''Gosh, can you believe it, our movie is 10 years old. My God, we are getting old. Our kids are growing up. It's so weird.'' While trying to soothe her, SRK just couldn't stop laughing. Raj Malhotra lives on.

The movie was again in theaters after completing its 1000 weeks in the year 2014.

Yash Chopra approached Armaan Kohli for Parmeet Sethi' s role. But Armaan did not want to play the villain's role. He insisted he play the lead role.

SRK's famous leather jacket was bought by Uday Chopra from a Harley- Davidson store in Bakersfield, California, for $400.

HMV's executive director Harish Dayani estimates that one in three households in India owns the DDLJ soundtrack.

PRODTRADE(Yash Chopra): [Switzerland]: The main characters spend time in Switzerland.

Though the movie is not related to the movie or song in any way, the title of this movie has been mentioned in the hit song 'Le Jayenge, Le Jayenge' (from the 1974 movie Chor Machaye Shor) which has a key line 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge'.

It has been 20 years since the release of the film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, and a documentary made to commemorate the occasion reveals some interesting trivia related to the film. In this documentary titled Making of DDLJ, Shah Rukh Khan reveals that he was quite apprehensive about the film and had almost refused it since he felt that his role was too "girlish". The charming actor also mentions that he was going through a low phase just before the start of the film, due to his sister's illness. This documentary also features several unseen footages and interviews of the cast.

Year 2015 has marked two decades since the iconic Bollywood romantic entertainer. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, released. The film is still being screened at a Mumbai theatre. According to an IANS report, the movie's leading man Shah Rukh Khan holds the film close to his heart, but says there are better films that were made and will be made. "There are better films that were made and will be made than DDLJ. Yes, realistically and practically speaking, maybe there won't be any films that will run for 20 years now because of strong digital world, but it's not that there will be no films better than DDLJ," said SRK. "I am sure there will be 100 films better because all of us (actors and filmmakers) would try to give better than the best with every film," the King of Romance said. Asked if Dilwale has the potential to repeat the magic of 20-year long run of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, SRK, who's also a successful film producer, said: "I don't think, as time has changed."

Fresh pictures from the sets of Dilwale are leaking on the social media quite often these days. The lead pair of the film - Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol - are shooting in Bulgaria and these leaked pictures are a big respite for the fans who just can't wait for the film to release. Well, pictures tell the story and a picture from the sets of Dilwale tells something crucial about the film. The director of the film, Rohit Shetty, is standing against the yellow mustard fields, which indicates that the film might take cues from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge wherein Shah Rukh and Kajol were seen romancing in the mustard fields. While Rohit may be inspired by DDLJ, the makers claim that the film will be 'Rohit Shetty Ishtyle'.

Cruise control: SRK treasures his Harley- Davidson jacket. The cool dude jacket was a take off on Tom Cruise who wore one in Top Gun. Incidentally, Salman Khan wore a similar looking jacket in Maine Pyar Kiya.

This film was actually written by Honey Irani, but she was not given her due credit.

The first theatrical film role of the TV serial star of Shanti (1994), Mandira Bedi, now also a noted cricket announcer.

Shah Rukh Khan played the charming loverboy Raj Malhotra in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Apparently Shah Rukh was not the first choice for the film. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge defined a huge milestone in SRK's career, but it was not actually meant to happen. The character of Raj was first offered to Saif Ali Khan who turned down the role after which Shah Rukh Khan came into the picture.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge had many firsts. The film marked the debut of television actress Mandira Bedi. She played the character of Parmeet Sethi's sister. In the film Mandira falls for Shah Rukh Khan, who is actually in love with Kajol. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge also marked the onscreen debut of filmmaker, Karan Johar. His brief stint was to play SRK's friend in the movie.

As of May 2005, the film played for over 500 weeks at the Maratha Mandir theater in Mumbai, India, making it the longest-running initial release in the history of Indian cinema. This is a few weeks more than Sholay.

As of 13 April 2007, the film's initial theatrical release lasted 600 weeks - more than 11 years - a world record.

The huge success of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge also established Aditya Chopra as an ace director. To get the best out of his team of actors, Aditya tried out a few tricks too. In the end of the song, 'Rukh Jaa O Dil Deewane,' Shah Rukh Khan drops Kajol. However, Aditya Chopra had not informed Kajol about the same, so as to capture her genuine and candid reaction. Also Aditya Chopra had some trouble filming the sequence where Raj jokes with Simran about the previous night. The reason was that every time Shah Rukh Khan would open his shirt, Kajol would start laughing. The pictures of the lips on Shah Rukh's chest were drawn by Kajol.

Aditya Chopra had lots of trouble filming the scene where Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) jokes with Simran (Kajol) about the previous night. The reason was that every time Shah Rukh Khan would open his shirt, Kajol would not stop laughing. The pictures of the lips on the chest were drawn by Kajol.

This is the first film in the history of Bollywood with a credit of 'title suggested by'.

Initially, Armaan Kohli was supposed to play the role of Simran's fiance, Kuljeet. Eventually, Parmeet Sethi got the role because he came for the screen test wearing boots, jeans and a waistcoat.

In the scene in which Anupam Kher tells SRK about the (non) accomplishments of his forefathers in academics, he actually recited names of his real, not- so-academically successful uncles.

Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna was remixed as Henna in the album Streets of Bollywood by (J-Skillz).

According to a tweet by Anupam Kher in 2013, he and Shah Rukh Khan made up the lines "O Potchi, O Koka, O Bobi, O Lola" on set.

After watching the film, SRK told Yash Chopra that DDLJ is the film that's going to make him, just like "Deewar" catapulted Amitabh Bacchan to fame.

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol promised Karan Johar on the set of this film to work in his directorial debut film "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" (1998).

Movie shows pristine snow of Switzerland

Bollywood Brass Band did a instrumental version of "Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna (Keep The Henna On Your Hands)".

Aditya Chopra always thought that he would make his debut with Mohabbatein, a story about three sets of lovers and a music teacher. He eventually made that one in 2000.

Leeroy song "Bounce Floor" sampled the song " Tujhe Dekha"

The first Indian movie with a Dolby sound mix.

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol have created a frenzy on social media as they recreated an iconic pose from their hit yesteryear film, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. And to do his bit to remember the iconic film, director Aditya Chopra has begun the shooting of his next film, Befikre on the same day when DDLJ had hit the screen, 20 years ago. It was on October 20, 2015, that Aditya Chopra's debut movie released and on this day exactly 20 years later, the official prep work for Befikre began in Paris. Befikre is one of the much awaited Yash Raj Film. It stars Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor in the lead roles. Seems like Aditya Chopra wants to relive DDLJ with his next film.

Shah Rukh Khan's portrayal of Raj Malhotra's loving ways and humorous mannerisms made him an instant favourite. However there is a reason why SRK's character was named Raj.Apparently Aditya Chopra had named Shah Rukh Khan's character Raj after the famous actor Raj Kapoor, while the title for this movie was suggested by Kirron Kher, wife of Anupam Kher, who plays SRK's father in the film.

The movie was released on 25th anniversary of Yash Raj Films.

The first theatrical film role of the TV serial star of Shanti, Mandira Bedi, now also a noted cricket announcer.

"Mere Khwaboon Mein Jo Aaye" was the first song to be recorded. Aditya Choprarejected 24 verses by Anand Bakshi before approving this one.

The music of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was a huge hit. A lot of hard work went in creating those foot tapping numbers. 'Mere Khwaboon Mein Jo Aaye' was the first song to be recorded. And according to IMDB, Aditya Chopra rejected 24 verses by Anand Bakshi before giving a nod to the final one. While another hit number, 'Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna' that featured Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol was actually made for some other movie. But as destiny had it, the song went on to be one of the biggest hits of DDLJ.

Aditya Chopra named Shah Rukh Khan's character Raj after Raj Kapoor.

When Shah Rukh Khan drops Kajol at the end of "Rukh Jaa O Dil Deewane," directorAditya Chopra did not tell Kajol what was going to happen, so that her reaction would be genuine.

The title name for this movie was suggested by Kiron Kher, wife of the famous actor Anupam Kher.

Saif Ali Khan turned down the role of Raj Malohtra.

Shah Rukh Khan's friends in the film, Karan Johar and Arjun Sablok, both later went on to become successful directors.

Himani Shivpuri was scripted to be in the last scene of the movie, but her husband died during the making of the movie, which made her unable to participate.

Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna'was originally thought to be a part of another movie. Not only this, the lyrics of the song were a bit different and it started with 'Payal Chankate Aa Jana'. But Aditya Chopra and Uday Chopra loved the song so much that they made it a part of DDLJ

It was Manish Malhotra's idea to dress Kajol in a green outfit for Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna. Adi was against it since Punjabi brides traditionally wear red, maroon or pink.

Saroj Khan left the shooting in a huff after a disagreement with Aditya. SRK recommended Farah Khan, who choreographed Ruk Ja.

The film was mired in two major controversies after its release. Honey Irani and Javed Siddiqui said that they hadn't been given credit for screenplay and dialogues respectively.

Adi's screenplay specifies that Simran is a vegetarian while Raj is willing to eat even a beefburger.

David Dhawan also released his movie, Yaraana starring Madhuri Dixit along with DDLJ on Diwali. People were eager to watch Yaraana as it starred Madhuri, who was considered the female 'Amitabh Bachchan' of Bollywood after the successes of her movies, Hum Aapke Hain Koun! and Raja. However upon release, Yaraana tanked badly at the box office and faced tough competition from DDLJ, which went onto became an all time blockbuster.

Hogaya Hain Tujh Ko was remixed as Feel The Buzz in the album The Streets of Bollywood 2 by NJC.

Ho Gaya Hai Tujhko was remixed as State A Little Something in the album The Streets of Bollywood 2 by Kami. K.

DDLJ craze continued even after years of the release of Golmaal 3 when Sanjay Mishra says "It's Diwali DDLJ Diwali" and in Aamir Khan starrer Dangal when Geeta goes for training in Delhi her friends are watching DDLJ as per story line

This movie is termed as romantic classic of the new generation.

During the time of single screen theaters, people waited in line for hours to watch this movie.

One of the most successful movies in the career of Shahrukh Khan

Apparently, one of the most popular scenes where Shah Rukh Khan and Amrish Puri fed the pigeons was completely impromptu.

Kajol's iconic white skirt in the song Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye was trimmed on the set. It was cut shorter by Manish Malhotra and his team because the director, Aditya Chopra, thought it was too long.

Aditya Chopra wrote DDLJ in the span of three to four weeks. According to Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra had the film clearly conceptualised in his head, which is why he was able to jot it down quickly.

The movie, till date, holds an unbeaten record in the history of Indian cinema of running for 1,000 weeks and 7,000 days at the box office.

Shah Rukh flirts with Kajol's friend , Sheena throughout the Euro tour.Sheena is played by designer Anaita Shroff ,married to Director Homi Adjania

Directorial Debut of Aditya Chopra

It was actor Anupam Kher's wife, Kirron Kher, who had suggested the title Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to film Maker Aditya Chopra.He wasn't convinced because, at that time, majority of films had short titles. But late Yash Chopra convinced his son to go ahead with it.

The protagonist Raj lies about setting up a Stroh's beer factory. This product placement of Stroh's Beer marked the launch of the brand in India in 1995.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge played at the Maratha Mandir theatre for 1009 weeks in Mumbai uninterrupted.

bachanaa ai hasiino (Hum kisi se kam naheen) was the inspiration for ruk jaa o dil diiwaane (Dilwaale dulhaniya leJayenge).

Director Karan Johar makes acting debut in this film.

SRK's full name in the movie is Rajnath, after Rishi Kapoor's name in Bobby..

Uday Chopra (brother of Aditya Chopra) is seen in a scene riding a bicycle, where he passes by Kajol.

User reviews

  • comment
    • Author: IWAS
    Dilwale made me glad to be a Westerner, just so I could experience the sheer rush in the glorious way this film simply throws its Indian sensibility in your face. It is one of the most completely, openly joyful films I have ever seen. In many ways a totally Western film, it is yet completely un-Western, and absolutely invigorating.

    I found the (rather oddly looped in places) mix of Hindi and English dialog to be a lot of fun to follow (as incomplete as the subtitles sometimes seemed). The Indian/Western pop structure of the songs was entertaining and infectious. The choreography is simply amazing, and some of the most sheerly athletic I've seen. The Indian roots of the dance routines were at first almost unnerving--at once familiar yet bizarre, almost surreal (to my Western eyes). It was sheer fun making the cultural adjustment.

    The plot is predictable, almost pedestrian--certainly not what you'd call "never done before," and yet I found myself completely absorbed in the story, and rooting for the main characters. This is in large part due to Shahrukh Khan's and Kajol's performances as Raj and Simran. He is totally endearing, and she is totally hot!, and their on screen chemistry is as cute & perky and smoldering & steamy as Fred and Ginger at their peak. It was, simply put, fun to watch them having so much fun.

    Director Aditya Chopra was, I understand, only 24 when he made Dilwale, and the film was so successful its Indian first run lasted a world-record 11 years (and may still be going on, as far as I know). A heckuva testimony to Bollywood indeed. This movie has instantly become one of my favorite musicals, and I look forward to finding more films from Chopra, Khan, and Kajol. What a treat!
  • comment
    • Author: Jusari
    Srk-Kajol have worked in a lot of blockbusters together(Baazigar, Karan Arjun, KKHH, K3G) but DDLJ will always be recognized as their best to date. Debutant director Aditya Chopra so perfectly brings these two together at the back-drop of a realistic family setting that its hard not to fall in love with them. Its chemistry at its finest. For Srk it was his first "Raj" character(play-girl type guy with the right values and morals) which he plays to perfection. For Kajol, DDLJ was a career making movie. As Simran she's beautiful, sweet, sensitive and a bit stuck-up too. Thank god Madhuri didn't have the dates to work in DDLJ cuz no actress suits Srk better then Kajol. There are countless heart-warming scenes between em' in DDLJ. Each one of them is uniquely different and just as much fun to watch. The entire setting of DDLJ is very simplistic, which brings out that special "oomph" in their romance. The songs are first-class. The strong supporting cast of Amrish Puri, Farida Jalal, Anupam Kher and Satish Shah definitely helped the movie to become the classic as its now seen as.

    Bottomline: DDLJ is 'romantic comedy' with Indian emotions at its peak. From the cast, chemistry, music, direction and the awesome pairing of Srk-Kajol....its perfect!
  • comment
    • Author: Whitebeard
    DDLJ has been my all time favourite movie. its a wonderful love story about the second generation Asian youths! Raj the main character played by Shahrukh khan gives a superb performance and equally good as Simran (co-star) played by Kajol!! Its about a girl living in London, who's marriage has been arranged by her father to marry his best friend's son. She accepts her fate until she meets Raj in Europe and falls in love. The movie has won many awards including National Award(in India)for best story. The songs in the movie are also worth listening to, composed by Jatin Lalit which are melodious and romantic. Overall the movie is definitely 10/10, no doubt!!!
  • comment
    • Author: Felolak
    If you missed this movie than you have missed the best movie made in bollywood history.This movie never seems to bore you.I have saw over a hundred times(Really).It's a fascinating movie.The plot was wonderful.The acting was really award winning.Shahrukh Khan is a gem of an actor.Really incredible acting by him.Kajol was excellent.The songs were awesome!The music was wow.The direction was cool.A must see for those who adore romantic flicks.
  • comment
    • Author: kolos
    I recently took a class about India in college and towards the end of the semester, we watched a few clips from some Bollywood and Tamil movies. I was very moved and inspired by the clips alone! Then, I told my friend (who happens to be Indian) from my work study job invited to an "Indian Movie Night" at her dorm. We watched K3G and I was so touched by it! It was simply wonderful. Most of all, I became a SRK and Kajol fan. Their on-screen chemistry is remarkable! I can't explain it! Anyhoo, I asked my mom for some Bollywood movies for Christmas and one of the movies I got was DDLJ. And let me tell ya'll, it is now my favorite movie of all time. SRK and Kajol shine beyond reason in this flick. The script is excellent, everything is excellent especially the acting and memorable songs! The supporting cast (most notably Simran parents, sister and Raj's dad were figging awesome!) Mr. Amish (sic) Puri, who played Kajol's dad acts wonderfully with just his eyes! One of the funniest lines in the movie is when Raj's friend walks into Simran's dad store and says "Uncle, can I have some beer?!" Gosh, it's the way that cat said the line that made it so FUNNY! After watching it again yesterday, I realized that I love so many Hollywood movies (particularly classic ones) and yet I couldn't state my all time favorite one. But while watching the making of DDLJ (I own the special edition version with two DVD's inside), I became rather teary eyed. I mean, I'm getting teary eyed writing this review at this moment! This film touched not only my heart, but my soul as well. They are so many underlying messages in DDLJ that can strike a cord in a non-Indian's (like me, I'm Nigerian American) soul. In end, I hope people who read this will buy DDLJ, (Renting will be useless, because you'll want to watch it over and over again...) love this priceless gem of a movie, and this goes out to the girls, wanna "come...fall in love" with a cool, crazy, sexy guy like Raj!

  • comment
    • Author: Quinthy
    Probably one of the greatest love stories ever told. Director Aditya Chopra made his debut as a director with this film. Aditya is the son of legendary Director/Producer Yash Chopra who gave us films like Deewar, Darr, Waqt, Kabhie Kabhie, Dil To Pagal Hai and Veer-Zaara.

    Aditya was one the first Directors of the New Generation of the Indian film Directors. With his first film he got rave reviews and was immediately classified as one of the best directors in Indian Cinema. With DDLJ, Aditya showed us what falling in love, respect, and family values are all about. This film also confirmed the Pair of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol as one of the best in the Indian Cinema. It made Kajol and Shah Rukh superstars over night and two of the most sought after actors.

    DDLJ also started the trend of love stories in Indian Cinema. Before DDLJ, most Indian films were action films. But DDLJ changed all that and the way of war was changed to a way of love. It's incredible how this film changed the Indian Cinema and the way of making films. DDLJ is a Forever Classic.

    It recently set a new record for the longest running film when it crossed the 500th week mark (that means it's a 10 time golden jubilee), the previous record was 275 weeks and was held by SHOLAY (another forever classic). All I can say is you must watch this movie, because "After Raj met Simran, love wasn't the same...come fall in love all over again".
  • comment
    • Author: Kison
    This was the top Bollywood film of the 90s and after seeing it I really can't think of one that was better. There are some that are just as good but I can't recall seeing one that's better. The story's pretty routine: boy meets girl in Europe, they fall in love, girl is engaged to some other idiot, and the rest writes itself... Sound familiar? Well it wasn't back in '95 (or even if it was it wasn't done as well) and Aditya Chopra's treatment of the story was a big reason for it's success. In every other movie the couple first wants to kill each other before falling in love. But in this movie it's slightly different and more plausible. Shahrukh doesn't want to kill Kahol - I mean Kajol - and she doesn't really hate him either, she just (like the rest of us) is annoyed by the guy. Their situations aren't that far-fetched and their Europe storyline is played out quite realistically (of course the piano scene is an exception). This was the beginning of the "Shahrukh plays Shahrukh era" and, for what it's worth, he hasn't made a better movie or given a better performance since. Sure there are places where he overacts but there are just as many places where he's able to hit all his cues. His comic timing was never better and there was still some sincerity in his eyes, a reminder of the fact that he was still an actor, which has since been replaced by the cockiness of a megastar. This is the movie that shot him to superstardom and put him alongside Aamir and Salman. Kajol is just as good (if not better), and I think after their next movie they'll win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The supporting cast is fine although no one really stands out. There are many moments in the film, most notably in the script, where you might feel a sense of deja vu. But keep in mind that this was the original, it's everything else that's a rehash. Bollywood headed straight for the sewer after this movie with almost all films, many of them starring Shahrukh, copying the same formula. Even at its 3 hour length the movie never drags till after the two-hour mark. I also want to comment on the film's Art Direction because it warrants a mention. Whether it's in Europe, England, or India, the movie has a very natural look to it. Unlike today's big films like Dil To Pagal Hai, or K3G, this movie looks good without trying to look good and I think that's a quality that's been lost on today's films. Too much attention is spent on the look at the expense of the story (if there is one!). The soundtrack of course is a classic, truly one of the all-time bests, with almost every song being a hit. The film won an unprecedented number of awards while breaking many records. There was a feeling that Aditya would follow in his father Yash's footsteps but regrettably the pressure got to him. He followed this up with the dreadful Mohabbatein which was slammed by audiences and critics alike. But so what. His first film was good, and with the current state of Bollywood movies - Devdas anyone? - you really can't get better than this.
  • comment
    • Author: Jieylau
    I usually go for Bollywood films for the music-dance numbers. While this flick has a few good ones, I was mostly pleased with the plot. I liked the second half the best. I was very disappointed to learn from IMDb that this is the second of only two films done by Pooja Rupanel. She brought a lot of life and spark to a minor role - the female lead's younger sister. She should have done more films. Like any really good comedy, the story had its serious aspects - just enough to make the plot interesting. The stand=by Bollywood love triangle plot can be used as many times as one wishes as long as one has good actors, terrific musical numbers, and a few novel plot twists.
  • comment
    • Author: Braswyn
    Aditya Chopra's Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is a superb example of the genius of Hindi commercial cinema. If you see it, you'll get that it's not very different as a love story. It is even ordinary. But it becomes special for many reasons. First and foremost, for its fresh, naive spirit. Secondly, the many paradoxes it contains: it is powerful yet subtle, larger-than-life yet simple, funny yet sad, magical yet realistic, and so on. Thirdly, it is one of the first films portraying Indians who live outside their country (in this case, London). It also shows the yearning of the first-generation NRIs who live far away from their homeland and for many reasons find it difficult to come back. Yet, the film remains mainly a poignant, melancholic romance.

    Raj and Simran, the characters played by Shahrukh Khan and Kajol represent the last generation of youngsters who were innocent and naive. They were much more simple, respectful and full of life. Such people almost no longer exist nowadays. The film relates their love story in a rather mesmerising way. Every scene is important. There are many great moments in the film. Raj and Simran's entire acquaintance and interaction in the first half is charming. Their separation at the end of the first half, when both make each other understand of their true feelings without explicitly admitting it, is moving. The traditional wedding preparations in the second half are well-made; the values they show, Raj's attempts to conquer Simran's father, and the couple's deepening relationship are interesting. The only thing I regretted was the typical fight scene towards the end.

    Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, who undoubtedly form a great film couple, are both excellent in their roles. They act from the heart, and ably bring their characters to life. Shahrukh Khan is incredible as Raj, a modern guy who understands the value of family and marriage, and yet he has the look of a careless fool who does not take anything seriously. Khan acts with great ease, wit and humour, and his inner fear of losing his beloved is always understood. Kajol as the dreamy and poetic yet intransigent and smart Simran is exceptional, and she looks very hot throughout. Amrish Puri and Farida Jalal as Simran's parents provide great support. Amrish Puri is particularly impressive as the strict but soft-hearted father, and Jalal is touching as the woman who has lived life according to terms and does not want the same to happen to her daughter. Anupam Kher is funny and entertaining as Raj's father.

    The film's soundtrack is outstanding and is clearly one of the main reasons this film works so well and is unforgettable today. The music is very well identified with the film and its story. Just try to imagine you would be given to watch the movie with the songs edited out. You wouldn't want to, right? That's because every song is a gem and is as important as every other scene. Every song comes in the right place and is sung and pictured exceptionally well. The one closest to my heart is "Ho Gaya Hai Tujhko", for its beautiful melody and very melancholic feel, which is aided by its blend of fantasy and reality on-screen. It is performed to perfection by Lata Mangeshkar and Udit Narayan. DDLJ is a film that should not be missed by anyone. It is one of the great gifts of Yash Chopra and his banner. It is a milestone of Indian cinema for its ability to inject fresh and magical energies into a banal love story, and for making it classically memorable.
  • comment
    • Author: Beazekelv
    I'm sooo in love with this movie. Its way better than Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or any other Hindi film or ANY film in general that I've ever seen! It's that good! I just want to recommend this to everyone ESPECIALLY if your a Shah Ruhk Khan/Kajol fan, they are awesome together. The whole supporting cast does a great job too- Put together with the beautiful direction of Aditya Chopra they turn a simple storyline of uncliched love into a heartfelt movie you can watch over and over again. Oh, and did I mention the songs rock too!
  • comment
    • Author: Cezel
    Going to the theatre to watch this movie was supposed to be my 'punishment' (for doing what, I can't remember), but let me tell you, this was the best punishment of my life.

    This movie was fantastic! I found it groundbreaking in that it solidly addressed the doublestandards and idiocy that tend to pervade in the minds of a lot of Indian parents. It was definitely an anti-arranged marriage film, which was a plus.

    I still watch this movie from time to time, and I have to tell you I thoroughly enjoy it, every time. The songs are great, the actors are great, and the dialogue is pleasing.

    A timeless classic, that will probably never be repeated.

  • comment
    • Author: Whitestone
    This movie is one of my alltime favourites! The plot although not new is perfect, which is probably why it has been used so many times. Raj and Simran fall in love while touring through Europe and when they get home, Simran is supposed to be married off to India. What I love so much about Bollywood, is all in here. First of all, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol are the perfect couple. They interact so well, everything fits. Second, The music is so great, I played the DVD a week or so until I got the CD. Third, we first see the cultural environment of London and Europe, which is contrasted very nice against India with all the fantastic colourful clothing. Fourth nice story components and Dialugues. The only reason for me not to give full 10 stars, is because off the dreadful late 80ies clothes (obviously the 80ties in India lastet deep into the nineties and because I want to spare a star for Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham, which is in my opinion still the best Hindi movie ever.
  • comment
    • Author: Conjulhala
    I'm not going to get too much into reviewing the story of this movie, most of the other reviews are covering that for you. Honestly I don't remember too much the story that well anyways beyond the basics. Besides this is a Bollywood film, you know the melodramatic story of a boy and girl who fall in love against their parents wishes. I'll stick to a more cultural commentary. I remember 1995's Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge being a good movie that dealt with second generation Indians living in England. This was a funny film that struck a chord with younger Indians living in Western countries around the world, and it was an obvious smash hit in India as well.

    Let me say that every country in the world has something "cool" or "bad ass" about it. But India has often had the most uncool, nerdy stereotypes about it. When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, most of the representation of Indians in Western culture was limited to Apu from The Simpsons. Taxi drivers, convenience store clerks, curry, cow worshipers, more curry, thick English accents, effeminate men and hairy women,... nothing here was ever cool (these stereotypes are still here, yet are finally changing, albeit slowly). What kind of crazy kid wanted to be Indian? If I could have gotten away with passing myself off as a Mexican, I probably would have tried it. But then there was Bollywood, showcasing the beautiful people of India that could dance and sing just as good as anyone on MTV. This was the cool side to India. It made India look beautiful, exotic, young, hip and cultured. One of the biggest audiences for Bollywood flicks outside of India had traditionally been Indian girls. Older audiences obviously watched too, but young Indian women growing up in America have always been keen to Bollywood, many years before the arrival of DDLJ. Bollywood models, gharba dances, since as long as I can remember Indian girls immediately zeroed in on knowing that Bollywood was a cool piece of Indian pop culture that non-Indians didn't have access too or couldn't immediately claim as "theirs". Instead of being impenetrably "foreign", this industry made India look much more "exotic". I suppose it's the better balance to all those National Geographic specials that showed nomads in India eating the most disgusting things imaginable. Like all Indian movies, Bollywood flicks are overacted with dumb plots and idiotic fight scenes, but it involves outrageously beautiful people dancing and singing and that's always going to be cool. Beautiful people can make almost anything look cool. If Apu from The Simpsons has an arranged marriage then from the Western point of view it may look backward, cruel and dorky. If Aishwarya Rai or Hrithik Roshan has an arranged marriage, then it seems much more exotic and cultured,...hey maybe there's something to the concept. Beautiful or well accomplished people can turn previously weirdo things about a country into something cooler then it used to be perceived as. People are damn superficial aren't they? (Bollywood stars all being so fair skinned is a topic for another time) But DDLJ had a cross over appeal that didn't just include Indian girls. It was the first film that I remember being "big" amongst Indians. When I say it was "mainstream" I don't really mean that it fully crossed over into non-Indian audiences (though I know it did), but rather this is was the first Bollywood movie that I remember that was widely talked about and had immense appeal among many different types of Indian American audiences.

    Before the release of this film, Bollywood movies seemed to exist in their own little niche of loyal cult followers (usually young Indian women). Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge broke some of the rules and didn't just appeal to Indian girls who wished they could be in a Bollywood movie and marry some hunky fair skinned North Indian guy. No this film had an exposure to a broader audience that seemed to really put Bollywood on the map for Indians that grew up outside of India. Indian guys were into this film, yeah probably because Indian girls were into it, but it was big change from what was going on before. A movie about second generation Indians was automatically going to appeal to every Indian growing up in Europe, Canada, Australia and of course the U.S. This was newer territory and since then Bollywood films have increasingly become more youth targeted in their marketing campaigns. Despite plenty of moments of stupidity (I remember a ridiculous "Yeeeeeeaahhhhhhhh!!" yell by Raj during a game of rugby), this movie was the beginning of a small change in Indian culture. Indian exposure to non-Indians and the dispelling of stereotypes is still very much a work in progress and people are unlikely to mention DDLJ on history papers in the future, but it had a milestone effect in my opinion within the community. The overtly glitzy Hrithik Roshan stuff today in 2006 seems a bit more aimed at pre-teen girls (so it's gone even younger), but DDLJ was the most talked about film in the 90s. 11 years have gone by, Shahrukh Khan is nearly 41 years old, he's basically an "Uncle" today, a status a lot of Gen-X Indian Americans are creeping towards. Of course Bollywood is a silly representation of India, it's like someone in Mumbai watching Rambo and thinking that's America. But for a brief moment in the mid 90s, people were united in talking about this Hindi movie, regardless if they spoke Hindi, Tamil or Malayalam. The movie had a great cast and awesome dance numbers, along with a more humorous angle then previous flicks I had seen. Recommended.
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    • Author: Malakelv
    If you are reading this review to see if the film is worth seeing, where have you been hiding for the last few years?

    This film is brought from the stables of Yash Chopra. As you may have guessed it is a 3 way story. Raj (Shahrukh Khan) is a modern Indian guy living in London with his father, played by Anupam Kher. He decides to go on a Eurorail holiday with a couple of his friends and easily gets his rich father's approval. Simran (Kajol) also lives in London but is of much more traditional upbringing, in part due to her strict father (Amrish Puri). Her father starts to reckon that it is time for her to get married. She has no option but to agree. However, she asks her father for the chance to see Europe once with her friends and Amrish Puri is not keen on this at all. Much persuasion follows and reluctantly he agrees.

    As luck would have it, Raj and Simran and both of their sets of friends end up on the same train and visiting the same places in Europe. At first she detests him. However, she eventually becomes stranded in a remote part of Switzerland with him. All their friends are in the next location. Time passes, songs are sung and lo and behold the two begin to fall in love.

    The first part of the film ends as the two characters are back in London with their respective families. Amrish Puri overhears Simran talking about the events of the holiday and hits the roof. He packs the bags and takes his family back to the small village in Punjab where they come from. Raj is spurred on by Anupam Kher who says if something is worth having, he must chase after it.

    The second part of the film consists of Raj trying to win the trust and confidence of Simran's Punjabi family. It consists of several excellent comedy and song scenes. I will leave you to guess what happens in the end.

    This film does not really warrant superlatives. It is better than excellent. It is as near perfect as we are likely to ever see. Like I say, if you have not seen this film, where have you been? The soundtrack is classic. Everyone knows the words to "Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam" and "Mehndi laga ke rakhna."

    The performance of the actors is first class. This really is the film that took Shahrukh to superstardom. Kajol also gives an incredible performance. This is the role that really made her name and deservedly so. Anupam Kher does a top comedy role and all the other actors have put in a magnificent performance.

    This really is a "feel-good" movie. If you have not seen it yet, make it your next priority to see the film. If you have, watch it again! This film, along with Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and more recently Kuch Kuch Hota Hai are the quintessential 1990's definition of excellent Hindi cinema. Take your family, as refreshingly, there is no sex, bad language or violence in any of the three films.
  • comment
    • Author: Modigas
    I just loved this film. I have seen it many times but still it's very entertaining, and a great family film to watch. Great story and brilliant actors in it. I just love Shah Rukh Khan and he is the best in this film along with other as well. Kajol is looking great and performance is the best too. If you have missed out this film then that means you have not watched a film that you can never forget. Come fall in love with it all over again. By seeing this movie you can feel like that you also want to love Raj or Simran too. Movie just brilliant movie. I can't express so much words but I think its just the best romantic movie ever made in film history. It had won the largest amount of awards that any other film has got. Shah Rukh as best actor, Kajol as best actress. Adi as best director, Best Film of the year, best play back singer Udit. Best supporting male and supporting female. And so many other awards as well. I just say that don't miss this flick. I give it a 1000/1000.
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    • Author: I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ
    Dilwale dulhania Le jayenge is one of the bestest film in the world! Shah rukh khan is one of the main factor of the films great success, i absolutely loved it. It was hilarious and felt heart warming! I think everyone in the film did a great job. It made Shah rukh Khan rise to more fame as well as Kajol, because people wanted to see them act together more because of the chemistry between them. this movie and Devdas is a great credit to shahrukh khan, because you can see how Shah rukh khan has matured through acting. the best part of the film, is the fact that you see in other films where the lovers both want to runaway because the parents wont let them be together, whereas this film suggests that running away doesn't solve the problem. the other factor makes the film better is the fact that shahrukh khan himself went through the similar situation in 1994.
  • comment
    • Author: Yar
    This film is for anyone who has forgotten the meaning of life. It clearly demonstrates the power of love and its ability to move heaven and earth. This is much more than a movie. It is a gift for those whose hearts have been hurt, abused and misused. It is one of those rare occurrences where you can witness the real heart of Mother India in all her unobstructed glory. "Shahrukh Kahn", who plays Raj, is not merely an actor. He is the incarnation of one of those great Indian souls or teachers who is the embodiment of love. It is an incomparable privilege here to see him in his element. "Amrish Puri" is the quintessential Indian patriarch who is immovable in his dignity and beliefs. Beliefs that for him mean no less than the continuation of his Hindu ancestry. "Kajol", who plays Simran, is a true Indian princess. She will not disobey her father but she cannot ignore her heart or her love with Raj. I cannot praise "Aditya Chopra" enough for bringing this masterpiece to life. The direction is romantic, sweeping you up with every scene. You do not feel you are watching a film as much as experiencing a whirlwind. I must also mention that the music is true joy and inspiration and is essential to the whole package. The title song is magnificent. Thank you "Jatin-Lalit." This film will make you feel like you have not felt in a long time. See this movie and live again.
  • comment
    • Author: Gaudiker
    I am writing this review after watching the movie more than 5 times. The movie have very fine music, great presentation , very romantic story and so nice on screen chemistry between Shahruk and Kajole. Its a movie after which one want to fall in love. I think for Indian audiences the name of the movie is enough. I don't remember any movie in this genre to commensurate with this one. This movie comes out to be all time hit. So if you are feeling like to watch some musical drama, go for it again and again. One can also watch maine pyar kiya, jab we met, socha na tha etc for similar entertainment. I liked the acting of Mandira too. The way she falls for shahruk. The way she sees her faster heartthrobs.
  • comment
    • Author: Nidora
    this movie is related to Indian culture although its based on NRI's. in first half Shahrukh(Raj) falls in love with Simran(Kajol) and in second half he makes the successful attempt to take away Simran as his bride by doing all things right. he had a easier option of taking away Simran without consent of her family but he chose the difficult way of proving himself the right person for her. the music of the movie is splendid and story is perfect. i don't have any more comments for this movie as the fact proves itself its simply THE BIGGEST hit of Indian movie industry till date. if you are an Indian then only you can appreciate this however it will make sense to others also..
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    • Author: Broadcaster
    It's like this: Dilwale is no Battleship Potemkin, as my Indian friend who hates Bollywood pointed out to me when I said I preferred to analyse DDLJ than BP for our Analyzing Film exam but, then again, Dilwale is not trying to be.

    The reason why the movie is great and one of the best I've seen is because it's silly and simple, yes, but also tremendous fun! The songs and dances are truly amazing and, unlike some people believe, the characterisation has depth. I should know because I had to discuss the different distinctive traits that make up all the characters in DDLJ in my exam and people would be surprised at just how layered and complex they are, if they took the time to pay attention (if you don't believe me, read the BFI book on the movie).

    Also, the picture has no pretentiousness: unlike Devdas, which was so melodramatic I'm surprised the whole cast didn't die from the agony of having to act in such an overrated and over the top Romeo and Juliet ripoff (people scream all the time especially Aishwarya Rai who is the most hysterical of them all), DDLJ succeeds exactly because it's happy just giving us a magical young love story, which we could all relate to anyway but which is made even better because of the 1st rate performances given by everyone involved.

    Kudos to Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol (my two favourite Bollywood actors), for creating such an intense, believable yet innocent and pure chemistry that made their love scenes just so sweet, beautiful and really heart-felt to watch.

    I'm not saying that just because we are capable of enjoying this movie, we aren't capable of enjoying something more intellectual and political like Battleship Potemkin.

    But it's nice to watch a movie once in a while that is not depressing nor always giving us extreme scenes of violence and sex with which Hollywood seems to be obsessed with.

    Nowadays movies just seem to feature people who think life is not worth living, are always suicidal and spend their time doing sex and drugs. Maybe these sort of characters should be pitied or something but, frankly, they're beginning to bore me. I've seen enough movies featuring these sort of personages to last me a lifetime. Give me a character who's happy with life and not afraid to have fun anytime!

    Much like the celebrated Singin' In The Rain, DDLJ is fun, leaves you feeling elated, has funny dialogue and you can feel the love that everybody involved felt about the production, which increases the quality of the picture!
  • comment
    • Author: DEAD-SHOT
    DDLY was one of my first Hindi movies I have seen, and from the beginning I was in love with it. It really touched me by its love, simplicity and warmth. After DDLY I have seen many Hindi movies (still loving them very much), but none of them were as well as DDLY, and I really think that the movie is Shahrukhs and Kajols best performances. Their best scene together is I think the scene after the song "Zarasa Jhoom Loon Main" when Kajol find herself in a bed wearing Shahrukhs shirt and with his cloth on the bed. Then she asks him what happened last night, and off course he makes a joke that something happened. But just then you see his magic when he tries to comfort Kajol by saying: "I know what you think of me, you think I'm a wastrel. But I'm no scum, I'm a Hindustani, and I know what honor means for a Hindi woman, and I would never even imagine that doing with you in my dreams" A great line, that clearly says how Shahrukh is.
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    • Author: Roru
    My ever favorite movie.Man i can watch this movie no matter what.I have the tendency to leave all my work just to see this movie.After watching this one i fell in love with Shahrukh.Even today he is just too sweet as a lover and well he is too sweet in any role.:-D..... Anyways where the movie is concerned there can't be anything so sweet and simple as the love shown between the two leads.When this movie completed 500 weeks i actually went and saw it all over again in the hall just to relive the charisma and magic of the movie and the feeling of the true love and romance that this movie generates and one on which i have grown up.The caption 'Come.....fall in love' seems to be made for this movie as as many times as u watch it you will fall in love again and again not just with the movie or shahrukh or the chemistry of the lead pair but also with the very emotion called LOVE!!!!!!!

    Now about the movie....well i won't be doing justice if i name anyone mind-blowing scene as all of them are just too good.But still one scene does no matter what remain my fave is the one towards the end of the Europe trip where Shahrukh and Kajol are standing on the bridge where he questions her what if you would have fallen in love with someone on this trip,say for example me,then also will you still go and get married.On this kajol just stares and him and when he just laughs and says i was joking.She just gives him an exasperated look and walks away.He just stands there and chants...Palat,Palat,willing her to turn around and look at him if she loves him.The moment she looks back at him as she is boarding the train he just jumps up with true unadulterated joy of a man truly in love.The thing that pulls at my heart string is the very innocence of the feelings portrayed by the two of them.

    Well i can keep raving about this movie all day so closing on the note that its a must watch for all those who are in love.believe in it or have ever loved anyone.You will find a part of your love story shown in some or the other scene of the movie......

    COME.......FALL IN LOVE!!!!!!!!
  • comment
    • Author: Watikalate
    The movie is truly wonderful, and one of the best Bollywood has ever produced. I am almost tempted to give it 10 out of 10. However, I would take a point out for not doing a great job on cinematography - but the movie is truly a superb from every other aspect, so felt bad taking a point off. The Switzerland alps look great as backdrops, however, a true cinematographer can create the magic in its absence too!

    Direction & script: superb! Kudos to Aditya Chopra on an awesome job. Many Hindi movies focus so much on lead characters, sometimes they forget the supporting cast. This movie shows the supporting cast are not just a prop for the story, they have characters too! You cannot ignore a single character - apart from major characters like the Father of bride (Amrish Puri), mother (Farida Jalal), even the characters of Kuljit & his father (Satish Shah) too are well taken care of! Very few movies (like Sholay) are so strong on giving importance to each and every characters.

    The movie truly deserves all the 11 awards it got! The movie is surely the best for the SRK & Kajol duo. It touches every sense beautifully, so you never feel tired of watching it over and over again.

    Music: It may not be the best Jatin Lalit has every produced, but it perfectly suits the movie. And of course all the songs have been very well choreographed, so the music video is imprinted on everyone's mind.

    This movie was a milestone in opening up Bollywood's business abroad! It's got all the elements that appeals to an NRI audience. Bollywood has never looked back after this movie got so many accolades all over the world.

    Thanks to Aditya Chopra for crafting such a gem, hard to believe its his debut movie!

    This is the best movie of 90's and surely enough, it will remain in top 10 Bollywood has ever produced!
  • comment
    • Author: Iaiastta
    It was one of my first *new* Bollywood movies that I have seen and I loved it. After the brooding heroes of the 70's and 80's Raj Malhotra was like a fresh breeze.

    The music is quite good, the characters are believable (and I swear I lived door to door with Simran's babuji a couple of years ago ;-)) and the love story is just cute. A bit dated when watched after ten years, but that is to be expected.

    Love the movie, love the music, but first of all I love Simran and Raj - Kajol and SRK do a very good job and have cemented their standing as Jodi #1 with this movie as well as with the following KKHH and K3G. Good family entertainment - THUMBS UP!
  • comment
    • Author: Windbearer
    Ever since its release, me and my family have seen this movie 50, 60, 70, well to be honest, I don't even remember how many times. This movie has some kind of magic in it nobody knows why, but every time the movie is played, nobody among us, can resist to watch it completely. I have watched a lot of Indian movies, you name it, but at the same time, I don't watch every movie and I don't like most of the movies. But this one, it looks as if every single clip was done to the perfection.

    I have seen in lots of TV shows, that people compare Karan and Aditya. But to me, after watching DDLJ, KKKG, KKHH, M (mohabbatein), KHNH, I don't think there is any comparison between the two. Aditya's both movies are truly professional, script is so powerful and direction is so well done and the tempo is created in such a way that its very hard to find a mistake. Where as in KKKG, KKHH, KHNH on a lot of situations the movie seems to run out of hand. Handling of characters is not perfect nor is the script.

    This movie is truly a classy master piece which are not made every other day. Thats why, truly and deservedly it ran consecutively on one cinema screen for more than 6 years. WAO !!!!!!!
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan - Raj Malhotra
    Kajol Kajol - Simran Singh
    Amrish Puri Amrish Puri - Chaudhry Baldev Singh
    Farida Jalal Farida Jalal - Lajwanti 'Lajjo' Singh
    Anupam Kher Anupam Kher - Dharamvir Malhotra
    Parmeet Sethi Parmeet Sethi - Kuljeet
    Mandira Bedi Mandira Bedi - Preeti Singh
    Satish Shah Satish Shah - Ajit Singh
    Himani Shivpuri Himani Shivpuri - Simran's Aunt
    Pooja Ruparel Pooja Ruparel - Rajeshwari / Chutki
    Achala Sachdev Achala Sachdev - Simran's Grandmother
    Damyanti Puri Damyanti Puri
    Lalit Tiwari Lalit Tiwari - Simran's Uncle
    Hemlata Deepak Hemlata Deepak - Simran's friend
    Mohit Kumar Mohit Kumar
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