» » Skyland Cortes' Secret (2005– )

Short summary

Cortes' double crossing brother shows up on Peurto Angel asking Cortes to help him free his ship, the Callisto, from the ice before the Sphere finds them. Since their ships are identical in design a suspicious Cortes must oblige in order to protect his own craft.

Episode credited cast:
Cameron Ansell Cameron Ansell - Cheng (voice)
Alex Belcourt Alex Belcourt - Mila (voice)
Juan Chioran Juan Chioran - Oslo (voice)
William Colgate William Colgate - Vector (voice)
Alyson Court Alyson Court - Dahlia (voice)
Tim Hamaguchi Tim Hamaguchi - Mahad (voice)
Athena Karkanis Athena Karkanis - Diwan (voice)
Jack Langedijk Jack Langedijk - Cortes (voice)
Phoebe McAuley Phoebe McAuley - Lena (voice)
Phoebe McCauley Phoebe McCauley - Lena (voice)
Alexandra Pic Alexandra Pic - Lena
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